The 911 Of Baking Will Pull You Out Of Every Baking Disaster

The joy of pulling out a perfectly baked fluffy cake/bread (or crunchy cookie) from the oven is way more than picking it out at a bakery. If you know how to bake flawlessly, that is. Huge clause, isn’t it?

Baking comes with a lot of baggage. It’s more than just whipping together the ingredients while listening to Adele rolling in the deep or looking up videos of Laura Vitale doing a fab job at rolling out one mouthwatering dish after the other. Because once that batter goes into the oven, not Adele and definitely not Laura will come to your rescue if you mess it up; but his infographic will.

Known as the 911 of baking, the infographic features almost everything that can go wrong while baking bread, cake or cookies, and gives solutions for damage control and repair as well. Check it out!sized_graphic

Source: Life Hacker