The 20 Best Non Vegetarian Dumplings In Mumbai To Eat The Weekend Away

We’ve been having dim sum cravings all week and we just can’t resist them any more. So, this weekend we’re taking ourselves on a dim sum crawl through Mumbai and planning to feast on its best non-vegetarian dim sums. Are you going to join us?

Lemongrass Chicken Dim Sum at Loco Chino


Zesty chicken wrapped in a thin wrapper spells out the perfect treat. Read our review of the rest of Loco Chino’s fare here!

Scallop and Caviar Dumplings at Great Wall at The Leela


Give in to your love for five start hotel dining by trying these delicious gourmet dumplings.

Hargao prawns at Wok Express


Fat, juicy prawns are packed into moist wrappers at Wok Express.

Crab and Prawn Seafood Dumplings at The Fatty Bao

Crab and prawns combine in these exquisite dumplings that are topped with caviar.

Shumai Dumplings at Mainland China

These dumplings are authentic Chinese treats made with pork.

Chicken Celery Dumplings at Yauatcha


This elegant fine dining restaurant is well known for its dim sum and macarons; we particularly love the well spiced celery and chicken dim sum from their menu.

Fried Prawn Dumplings at Mainland China

Because sometimes you just need some fried food in your life.

Chicken and Cheese Momos at Dim Sum and More


Flavourful, tender chicken mixes with oodles of cheese.

Steamed Lobster Dumpling at Hakkasan

Gourmet, smooth creamy lobster dumplings can be found at this fine dining restaurant.

Phoenix Eye Dumplings at Shiro


These succulent prawn dumplings are topped with an edamame bean, making for the perfect balance of flavours! P.s Have you seen our video of Shiro’s dim sum festival yet?

Laksa Prawn Dim Sum at Noodle Bar


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These are served with the authentic Singaporean Laksa curry – a delicious Asian treat.

Chicken Momos at Dev Momo Hut


Sometimes you just need some cheap, comforting momos, and it doesn’t get better than these!

Jungle Dumpling at Mamagoto


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Shrimps infused with chives and seasoned with mint.

Pork momos from Kepchaki Momos


If you’ve ever been to the North East you’d agree that these pork momos taste wonderfully authentic.

Har Goow Koong at Eat Thai

Some more prawn dumplings combined with celery and flavoured with ginger and kaffir lime.

Thai Dumpling at Umame

Prawns are coated with black fungus mushrooms and then spiced with red Thai curry paste, galangal and turmeric.

Pork Soup Dim Sum at Ling’s Pavillion


This age old restaurant serves delicately spiced pork wrapped in a thin wrapper in a seasoned soup.

Chicken Sui Mai dumplings at Five Fat Monks


Ground chicken mixed with a medley of spices.


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