The 10 Most Heart Warming Food Stories That 2015 Had To Offer

A wise man (or woman) once said that food equals love. There have been countless meals and feasts that we’ve had with family, friends, colleagues and – sometimes – random passers-by that have proved that sentiment. However, what really drove the argument home were various heart-warming stories we’ve heard through the year that revolve around food. Here are some of our favourites; we guarantee that they’ll reaffirm your faith in humanity.

Vada Pav Seller Donated Rs.20,000 To Drought Affected Farmers


Worried by the impact of drought on farmers in Maharashtra, Mangesh Ahiwale, a street food seller donated an entire day’s earnings of Rs.20,000 to the Maharashtra CM Relief Fund that was going to drought affected farmers.

40,000 Cupcakes To Create A Giant Peace Sign


A New York based bakery, Baked By Melissa used 40,000 cupcakes to create a rainbow coloured peace sign in Central Park in honour of John Lennon’s birthday.

Indian Celebrity Chefs Cooked At A Shelter Home


For Children’s Day, Indian celebrity chefs Abishek Basu, Ritu Dalmia, Manish Mehrotra and Manjit Gill cooked ‘dream meals’ for children at the Khushi shelter in Delhi.

Food Giants and City Joints Alike Joined Hands To Help Chennai


In the face of the devastating Chennai floods, massive food giants such as Nestle India, ITC, Coca-cola and Britannia supplied immense amounts of food and drink provisions. Other smaller companies such as Double Roti and Old Baking Company also provided food and shelter for the besieged.

A Cancelled Wedding Led To A Feast For The Homeless


After a groom to be got cold feet at the last moment and backed out of his wedding, the bride’s family hosted a massive dinner for the needy and underprivileged.

A Cafe To Empower Acid Attack Survivors


The Sheroes cafe in Agra was set up to provide acid attack survivors with a dignified livelihood. At the cafe, survivors are chefs, servers and hold various exhibitions that allows them to earn extra money.

Food Panda’s Donation Campaign


For World Food Day, Food Panda started the ‘You Say, We Give Campaign’, where they donated essential food items to food banks for every comment left on their social media channels.

UN Delegates Were Served Waste At A Summit


At a summit on sustainable development, UN delegates were served waste food such as ‘landfill salad’ to give them a better understanding of the immense amount of food waste the world generates.

Similarly, A Couple Choose To Serve Waste At Their Wedding


Zoe and Charles Loughlin prepared their wedding feast using food provided by FoodCycle, which creates meals for people below the poverty line using supermarket discards.

Hugh Jackman’s Involvement With Fairtrade Coffee


In order to better understand the world of coffee, Jackman and his wide travelled to Ethiopia where he befriended Dukale, an Ethiopian farmer. He then set up Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, which enabled him to help farmers with the fair trade practice in Ethiopia.