That’s So Fetch! Mean Girls Now Has Its Own Exclusive Candy Collection

Cult movies and books remain popular long after they were originally aired or written. The Harry Potter legacy, for instance continues to live in Harry Potter themed foods, bars, restaurants and so on. Another ‘cult’ movie from our teenage years was ‘Mean Girls’; the social comedy about Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) who has to navigate the world of an American high school after growing up in Africa. If you’re a mean girls fan(atic) then you’ll be over the moon to know that New York sweet shop Dylan’s Candy Bar has collaborated with Paramount Pictures to create a while line of Mean Girls inspired candies! Order them now and hoard them for Mean Girls day (October 3rd). Here are some of our favourites.

Is Butter a Carb? Popcorn Flavoured Jelly Beans


Ponder over Regina’s Sparks highly memorable question as you scarf down a handful of these.

Mean Girls Petit Cookies Set


This is your Mean Girls goodie bag, complete with Damian’s pink shirt, a mini Burn Book and that bunny tiara.

On Wednesday’s We Eat Pink Candy T Shirt


This is the ultimate, exclusive t shirt for any Mean Girls fan!

You Go Glen Coco Pin Hot Chocolate


Because even hot chocolate should be pink. There’s no two ways about it.

Burn Book Cookie


Sometimes we vent by writing in a Burn Book. At other times we comfort ourselves by eating candy. Do both with this cookie; it’s sweeter than the real Book.

Kalteen Bars


Ah, the infamous Kalteen bars, that some would say were responsible for the movie’s climatic point. At least we won’t be eating these to stay thin; who needs thin when there are peanut butter bars in sight, right?

Mean, Meaner and Meanest


Indulge with Milk Chocolate (That’s Karen), Cookies & Cream (Gretchen) and Dark Chocolate (Regina, of course) candy bars at your next party.

Do these look good? Head over to Dylan’s Candy Bar website and order now!