It’s Thanksgiving & Lay’s Is Asking Just The Right Question #POLL

What’s holiday season without leading snack labels tweaking their flavour portfolio to throw in some gravy, mashed, and filling-inspired variants, right? Pringles is planning on doing it and now Lay’s wants to know which Thanksgiving special flavour you wish they carried.

Yesterday, the wafer company took to Instagram and Twitter to ask their followers which of the two flavours – Green Bean Casserole and Stuffing – did the customers wish Lay’s had.

Going by the comments and retweets, it is safe to say that the snack brand has created quite a stir.

While the supporters for both the flavours seem to be somewhat equal, there have been some interesting suggestions in the comment sections. Some of our – and Lays’ – favourite suggestions include Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich, Sweet Potato Casserole, and turkey. And if given a choice, we’d want all of these flavours to materialize. But that’s just us, what about you? Which Thanksgiving Lay’s flavor would you want to binge on this holiday season?

Vote below and tell us! And for all we know, Lay’s might just take up a challenge and surprise us!

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