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Thanks To The Curious Creamery You Can Now Whip Up Boozy Ice Cream At Home


There isn’t much that’s better than ice cream on a hot summer’s day, except, perhaps boozy ice cream (just for the adults, of course). However, it isn’t that easy to find a spot that sells boozy ice cream and doesn’t involve a flight ticket. Lucky for us, the Curious Creamery is selling boozy ice cream packets that you can make at home. You don’t even need an ice cream maker!

2’s company and 3’s an ice cream party … at least that’s what we belive.

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It isn’t just a myth! All you need to do is “add a chilled liquid (water or milk) and alcohol and then whisk for 5 minutes.” They’ve got delicious cocktail-inspired flavors like Irish Mudslide, Mint Mojito, or the White Russian. If you want to try them all out, the Curious Creamery also has a boozy ice cream sampler option so you can taste and see which one you fancy!

For the price of $11, we’re sure that this would definitely make the perfect adult treat! Do keep in mind that you’ve got to buy and add the alcohol in order to get a buzz, however, that’s a price we’re willing to pay!

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