Thanks To Krispy Kreme You Can Now Eat Homer’s Signature Donut

There’s no doubt that Krispy Kreme has been changing the donut game. From the new flavor of glaze to bright green donuts for St. Paddy’s Day they’ve just about done it all. Pop culture food fanatics will be happy to know that now, thanks to Krispy Kreme, you can actually eat Homer’s signature donut.

Krispy Kreme just released a real-life Homer Simpson-inspired doughnut called D’ohnut, and it looks exactly like the cartoon all pink and sprinkle-filled. The doughnut is an original glazed dipped in white chocolate truffle with strawberry flavor and loads of rainbow sprinkles.

Unfortunately, like all nice things, there is a bit of a catch because you can only get them in Australia. However, if you’re due for a trip down under then make sure you try out these limited edition delights!