Thanks To Horlicks Oats, #HealthyBowl Was Trending On Twitter Yesterday

If you clicked over to Twitter yesterday evening, you may have realised that #HealthyBowl was trending in India. What was that all about? 

The answer: much loved brand Horlicks Oats was conducting a contest in which it invited the Twitterati to guess the answers to some questions and be in with the chance of winning vouchers worth Rs. 5000. We’ll get to that, but first here’s –

A Little About Horlicks

Horlicks was originally (and still is) chiefly a malted milk hot drink that was brought to India during the British rule. During the Colonial era, drinking Horlicks was seen as an upper and middle class habit.

While the original Horlicks drink was malt, it now has a variety of flavours such as toffee, vanilla, chocolate and honey.


A few years ago, Horlicks expanded into other products including instant noodles and oats.

The #HealthyBowl Trend

As a part of a marketing push, the Horlicks Oats Twitter handle conducted a contest yesterday beginning with this tweet:

It was followed up by a series of tweets, in which the brand encouraged participants to fill in ingredients in recipes with Horlicks and also rename the recipes.

Last night, the contest ended with Horlicks announcing that they will declare winners soon.

Did you miss out? Have no worries – at least you have an armful of recipes you can now try! That fruit parfait looks pretty good to us – how about you?