Thanks to M&M’s New Flavour, 2017 Is Going To Be A Delicious Year!

It might be Christmas and it might be time to celebrate the holidays, but here’s something else you should definitely be celebrating – a new M&M’s flavour!

The candy brand has a way with new flavours and they’re always one step ahead of what the masses want. M&M’s are everyone’s favourite candy and there’s no doubt about that. But now to take that up a notch, they’re introducing a brand new flavour – White Cheesecake. But before you start salivating and figuring out where to get them from, let’s take a step back and just celebrate this innovative and fun new flavour!

The new flavour will come with a pink and white shell with a white chocolate centre. At this point there isn’t a lot more that anyone knows, except that this is what is coming next. However, right now if you do visit your nearest Walmart, you might actually find them on the shelves.

M&M’s has always had a sneaky marketing strategy in place and usually when they want to release a new flavour, they do it exclusively with one store before everybody else gets it, so maybe Walmart is just the beginning. They did start teasing about the Caramel M&M’s months ago, even if the candy will only be available in stores in May next year.

Take a look at the packaging for the White Cheesecake M&M’s, so maybe they could be aiming for a Valentine’s Day launch? Especially with the Ms. Green M&M holding onto a rose and the colouring of the shells. But watch this space and we’ll keep you posted!