Enjoy The Complete Teppanyaki Experience At Zen, The Leela Palace

The first time I experienced the joy which was Teppanyaki was during one of the first episodes of Friends. What was this wonderful dining experience – entertainment and deliciousness combined – and how could I experience it? Fast forward 10 years later and I’ve finally got the answer to the question!

At the Technique at Teppan festival hosted by The Leela Palace at Zen, you get to experience the elaborate showmanship, precise techniques and distinctive flavours of Teppanyaki, as expat chef Wadim Shin takes you on an interactive culinary journey that you just won’t want to miss out!

You can expect Wagyu Atarashi Shimo, Misoyaki Sea Bass, Lamb Chop Gochujang, Tofu Shinso, and Peruvian Asparagus amongst others.

So book a spot, find a date, or just head on over there solo (you’ll enjoy Teppan the same, we promise)! This is an experience that you’ll relish for years to come!

Date: 4th August – 13th August 2017

Place: Zen, The Leela Palace

For Reservations: Contact –  080 2521 1234