Tenderloin vs Sirloin vs T-bone: Everything you need to know about the different kinds of beef steak

1. Tenderloin Steak

If you want to make a tenderloin sound sophisticated, you can always call it the ‘Filet Mignon’. As evident by its name, the tenderloin is a small, tender muscle that runs along the back of a cow.

Good news from the world of steaks, tenderloin is very low in fat, thus, making it faster to cook. But keep an eye on your pockets, this small beef cut comes with a big price tag attached to it.


2. T-Bone Steak

The T-Bone beef cut gives you a strip steak and a tenderloin connected by a T shaped bone.

Do you know what the T should stand for? Two for the price of one.

The grilled T-Bone is extremely popular with steak lovers.

T-bone steak

3. Rib-eye steak

It’s a no-brainer, the rib-eye steak is derived from the ribs.

The substantial amount of fat present makes the steak juicer and beefier. The rib-eye steak is unparalleled, both in terms of flavour and price.

rib eye steak

4. Strip Steak

While the name ‘strip’ gives no indication of where the beef is possibly cut from, its alternate name – ‘Top loin’ gives a fair idea. The strip steak gives a bit chewy and has a strong beefy flavour. Steakhouses are relieved when you order the strip steak as it is easy to cut and easy to cook.

strip steak

5. Flank Steak

Rough and tough, the flank steak is taken from the belly of the cow. This steak is a bag of flavour. Most of the fast food joints are in on this secret, like McDonalds.

Lady Gaga liked it so much, she wore a dress made out of flank steak!

flank steak

6. Sirloin Steak

This beef steak is extracted from the hip region of a cow. The top sirloin is an instant crowd pleaser, and the fat content of this sirloin gives that perfect, succulent, mouth-watering flavour you know is too good to be true.

The sirloin steak is the most hip beef in town, partly because it tastes amazing, but mainly because it is very cheap.

sirloin steak

7. Skirt Steak

Don’t skirt from this steak, you’ll regret it.

The skirt steak is similar to the flank steak because this beef cut is adjacent to the stomach. The skirt steak is prized because it is tastier than it its tender.

skirt steak

8. Round Steak

This steak is low.

Low in fat.

It’s a little uncomfortable to say, but the round steak is cut out from the cow’s rear.

Round cuts are ideal for grilling or making jerky.

top round steak