Teetotallers Rejoice Because UB Is Launching A Non-Alcoholic Beer

If you’re the only one in your gang who doesn’t drink, it can be a drag not having your own non-alcoholic drink to sip on. However, UB (United Breweries) of the ubiquitous Kingfisher fame has got your back, as they will soon be launching a non-alcoholic drink!

United Breweries Limited is looking for ways to tap into larger beverage consumption markets, in order to increase the growth of its business. “For most adults the beverage choices for non-alcoholic occasions are limited. Our new offerings will also enable us to enter a much larger retail universe that is today closed on to us,” the company said in its annual report to shareholders.

Teetotallers Rejoice Because UB Is Launching A Non-Alcoholic Beer

UBL plans to start brewing its non-alcoholic beer in Bihar and is all set to start marketing in the penultimate quarter of this financial year. The Bengaluru-based beer company has created a separate vertical in order to ensure that the product reaches its full potential.

“We see this business contributing significantly to the company in the years to come. Whilst these type of products have been introduced by beer companies around the world, UB will be a pioneer in India,” Shekhar Ramamurthy, Managing Director, UBL said.

While there isn’t any exact information on the non-alcoholic beer market in India available, we’re sure that teetotallers will enjoy clinking beer glasses with their hoppy friends.