A Tearless Onion Now Exists and it’s Called A Sunion

If you’re a fan of onions in your food, then you’ll know that tears are part and parcel of cutting up the vegetable. However, imagine making your favorite curry, soup, or guac and not having tears stream down your face dramatically like a cheesy soap opera.

Enter the sunion, an onion that’s all onion, minus the tears – a dream come true, right? According to a press release from Golden Sun Marketing, the sunion is a game-changing product of more than three decades of research, development and natural hybridization by Bayer Crop Science, sunions are a long-day sweet onion variety grown in the USA. But unlike other long-day onions, sunions actually become sweeter and more tearless in storage.

Demand For A Tearless Onion

The team behind Sunions conducted extensive research about the significance of tearlessness and found compelling data to support the demand for an onion that won’t bring tears to the eyes when slicing and dicing in the kitchen.

“Looking for ways to avoid tears when cutting onions is a big deal for consumers,” said Don Goodwin, president of Golden Sun Marketing. “A quick Google search will yield over 500,000 results, and YouTube videos on the topic have received more than 5 million views.”

So, is it all it’s it’s cracked out to be? According to Sunions’ press release “As for the eating experience, Sunions are consistently crunchy and sweet with a mild flavor. Sampling events conducted prior to launch saw consumers coming back for more. Comments during a demo conducted at a West Coast retailer included “Best onions I’ve ever had” and “Great, it doesn’t make me cry.”


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