Tea Trails Opens Its First Bengaluru Outlet In Koramangala

Mumbai-based tea cafe, Tea Trails launched their first cafe in the city of Bengaluru last Wednesday. After opening two outlets in Chennai – Ashok Nagar and ECR – the tea cafe has finally moved into Bangalore.

Tea Trails offers a gourmet tea drinking experience, introducing people in India to the different kinds of teas that are produced in the country. They also international speciality teas, as well as traditional chais to choose from. With over 80 different varieties of teas, blends and flavours, each of Tea Trails cup of teas come with health benefits and more information that you won’t find anywhere else. 

They have everything from white to green tea, oolong to herbal tea and they also have bubble tea, for those not interested in hot tea. And that’s not all. Tea Trails also specialises in tea-infused foods on their menu. You can also buy their teas at the outlet, choosing from the wide range that they also serve.

Speaking about the new launch, Uday Mathur, Co-owner, Tea Trails,  says, “Brewing tea is an ancient art which is seldom paid attention to. We, at Tea Trails, understand the importance of brewing and steeping high quality loose leaf teas to perfection, without which, the experience of drinking tea cannot be enjoyed to its fullest.”

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