Tea Trails Invites You To Visit Their New Outlet on ECR

Almost a month ago, we featured our visit to Tea Trails’ first outlet in Chennai. And we were incredibly impressed with their variety of teas, the knowledge that was packed into their menu and their teas. So last week when they opened their second outlet in the city along the East Coast Road, we got a chance to visit and experience the new cafe and meet with Divya Selvaraj who has subfranchised the brand in a second location.

In fact, Tea Trails is looking for more people who are interested in investing in the brand and opening franchises across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The Mumbai based brand is the first chain of premium tea cafes in the country and they want to expand and grow as much as possible. And that’s exactly what this new ECR outlet is doing.

The Ashok Nagar branch is perfect for girlfriends looking for somewhere to sit down and have a quiet afternoon, while the ECR outlet is the place you want to go when you’re on your way out of the city for the weekend. Stop in, try out one of their specialty teas, eat their tea-infused foods and relax before you carry on with your journey.


This new location opened on the 9th of June and we had a chance to try two new drinks. Plus, get a good look at the tea that you can buy directly from Tea Trails. To get a proper lowdown on Tea Trails and our previous experience, you can find it here.

During our first visit, we tried a specialty tea known as South African Red Tea, but this time around we were served a Himalayan Spice, which is a Tisane tea. Tisane, for those who don’t know, is herbal tea that is made from the infusion of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water. While most tea is brewed using leaves, Tisane tea is brewed using everything else. We also had a cooler named Better Wife, which was relaxing and the perfect combination for a hot Chennai afternoon.



You can also buy Tea Trails tea, either at the store or online. And they have a large variety of teas to choose from. Whether’s Darjeeling First Flush or Jasmine Green or even Imperial Gunpowder, these teas come in sealed packets and in gorgeous tins with different colours. Take a look at what we found at the store and if you’re interested, you can get yourself a tin or two.


Tea Trails is at 115, East Coast Road, Neelangarai, Chennai and you can call them at 044 49587161 for more information.