Tea Time at JW Marriott with Tea-A-Me: A Tea for Every Me

Who said Tea Parties are out of fashion? Someone did? Well, that must be before they found out about this beautiful tea event that is to be hosted at JW Marriott tomorrow. Before you ask what is tomorrow? Tomorrow is officially T-Day. 

What is T-Day? 

T-Day is a day to celebrate varieties of tea paired with delicious, gourmet food! Chef Jolly, the executive chef and director of food and beverages at JW Marriott together with Mr. Sumit Shah, executive director at Madhu Jayanti brings you a day of mood-inspired teas, gourmet food and soulful music. We like the sound of that, don’t you?

Featured image tea bag uses

Who is behind T-Day? 

We have a number of people to thank for T-Day. First and foremost comes Madhu Jayanti International Limited who has been the leading exporter of teas for the past 70 years. They decided to put their expertise into use to bring out a special brand of Tea known as Tea-A-Me.

What is Tea-A-Me? 

It’s Tea for every me. Yes, we know, it’s extremely cute and just the right way to touch our tea-loving hearts. Tea-A-Me houses the largest variety of ties with 17 different variants. Tea-a-me aims to bring you a tea for every mood. That’s right? Feeling happy? There’s a tea out there for you.