Tea Retail Startup, Chai Point, To Introduce Smart Tea Dispensing Machines

Chai Point, one of the first few startups in the organized tea chain business is all set to introduce IoT-enabled (Internet of Things) tea dispensing machines to corporate offices as the next step to serving its products to office employees.

They’ve already set up about 1000 semi-automatic dispensers in almost 100 companies, and their newest product – boxC – is expected to bring in 100 more corporate customers by the end of the year. The product will be officially launched tomorrow, Friday 29th July.

“It is a utility service we are offering to companies. Unlike regular tea machines, this will provide tea made from natural tea leaves,” said co-founder and CEO Amuleek Singh Bijral.

boxC will be connected to a cloud-platform which will also be accessible to customers who can keep track of the functioning of the machines and the billing process. They’ve partnered with companies making IT products in India to put this machine together. Singh says that, in the future, these machines will be adaptable to new software.