Tasting The Gourmet Delicacies At Coffee By Di Bella Exclusive Outlet In Mumbai

Tasting The Gourmet Delicacies At Coffee By Di Bella Exclusive Outlet In Mumbai

The robust aroma of coffee at Coffee by Di Bella is something one just can’t miss. Which is why the café outlets across the city has become a go to place for many. But what does it take for a customer to sit beyond a few cups of coffee or maybe a dessert and a snack? The answer is food and that too, delicious gourmet food that can easily make one spend an entire day.

Exclusive Outlets Of Coffee By Di Bella

Currently there are two outlets of Coffee by Di Bella which have been deemed exclusive – Linking Road in Bandra and Malad. These cafes have a functional kitchen and serve up food made to order. One can pick from healthy breakfast choices to binging on a luscious cheesy pizza. They have it all and while we tried the dishes we had this constant warm, fuzzy feeling all through.

We started off by trying out a Passion Fruit iced tea to counter the Mumbai heat and also to find out the beverages served at the Coffee By Di Bella Exclusive outlet beyond coffee. The iced tea flavour was on point and was quite refreshing. Perfect thing to have during the hot and humid weather. We also tried their Mexican Omelette which was served with beans, salsa, sour cream and cheese sauce. The omelette is simply delicious and can easily become one of the regular things we’d order here for breakfast. The egg also came with a hash brown, toasted bread slices and roasted tomato adding to the overall appeal and balance of the dish.

Next we indulged in a sumptuous Everyday Is A Sunday pizza. Yes, that was actually the name and something we truly believe in. The pizza was made with artichoke, sundried tomato and olive as toppings. It was lip smacking good, the use of artichoke was nicely done along with a tad sweetness from the sundried tomato and a little sour from the olives. Bursting with flavour and cheese, this pizza is a must try.

To make ourselves feel a little better about ourselves after the pizza, we tucked into a Seasonal Fruit Smoothie Bowl made using fresh mangoes, mixed seeds and strawberry syrup. Not only was this healthy but power packed and full of flavour. One must try this while looking for healthy options. The exclusive outlet of Coffee by Di Bella at Linking Road was simply splendid with regards to the lovely food and of course the newly introduced nitro coffee. Head to one of the exclusive outlets soon and experience more than just good coffee!