Tasting And Testing Baked Goods At The Ellipsis Bakery In Mumbai

Any foodie in the know in Mumbai would know that Ellipsis, nestled in Colaba is one of the best upscale destinations for American fare. However, less foodies know about its Worli based bakery that whips up a range of baked goods, delivers them as well as invites customers to dine in or pick up a takeaway. We took a taxi over to the bakery, nestled deep in the BMC Ashpalt Ground to sample a spread of their offerings. Here’s what we thought:

The Location

Getting to the bakery can be a bit of a walk; we got off at the Mayfair Banquets building and followed a couple of helpful signs into the compound. About five minutes away from main road, the bakery sits; a cute, squat structure with a glass facade and outdoor seating.

When standing in the outdoor seating area, through the glass, one can see a variety of baked goods lining the shelves – from breads to biscuits to meringues, the bakery seems to serve all that is good and oven-made.

We were immensely charmed by the look of the bakery and can already envision ourselves spending cosy evenings seated outside enjoying a cup of coffee and cake, hopefully with a date. It’s a pretty picture, isn’t it?

The Eats

Of course, even with the perfect ambience, the experience of eating out can be made or broken by the food that is had. With Ellipsis’ reputation, we weren’t too worried that the fare wouldn’t be up to the mark, but we decided to go ahead and try a spread of their dishes – for research purposes of course.

We started with the Bagel Bombs, a serving of two beautifully buttered, soft buns stuffed with a velvety mushroom and pesto mixture – perfect for a teatime snack.


In savouries, we also tried the Chicken Quiche – the crust was rich and decadently buttery while the filling was smooth and creamy.


We then moved on to desserts, giving in to our temptation to order a massive slice of Banana and Nutella Cake and the Chocolate Praline Cake with Salted Caramel. The Banana and Nutella cake created a beautiful symphony in our mouths with layer upon layer of banana bread topped with a combination of Nutella and chocolate.


The Chocolate Praline cake was equally heavenly; rich, soft and indulgent with a center of creamy salted caramel that created a lovely balance of flavours.


After the desserts, we felt the craving for something salty to balance things out. Our server kindly suggested the Sriracha Cheddar Biscuits that arrived with a side of spicy sriracha sauce. They were fiery and crunchy; the perfect way to end our tasting.


If these photos have got you drooling, why not check out the video above too? That will completely make up your mind that Ellipsis Bakery should be your next dessert destination in Mumbai.