Taste The Traditional Flavours Of Thai Cuisine At Shiro In Bengaluru

The exquisite flavours of Thai cuisine is set to be unveiled on a grand stage at Shiro in Bengaluru. The Thai Food Festival, beginning on February 18th, will bring out the essential flavours of the traditional Thai cuisine with some unique flavour profiles associated with the it. The celebration of Thai cuisine will be on the forefront at Shiro and HungryForever was invited to preview the special menu. We had an exclusive chat with Dhiren Pawar, Brand Head of Shiro, about the Thai Food Festival and the significance behind each exquisite dish on the menu.

Complexity Abound

Thai cuisine is well known for combining myriad of flavours with complex elements all tied together in each dish. It is that complexity that brings out the intricate details of the dish, making it a unique experience on the palette. Thai cuisine is famous in India, specifically, since it marries a number of flavours together, similar to the Indian cuisine. “The reason we have done the Thai cuisine is because its pretty popular and a fan favourite. People know Thai cuisine and it caters to the Indian taste and palette. Hence, we decided to go with the Thai menu and this Thai food festival,” added Pawar.

Prawn on Sugarcane Skewers, Chicken Satay, Spicy Thai Noodles

Curation Of A Special Menu

The ingredients take the mantle as the star of the show, even the elegant design of the menu putting the focus mainly on the ingredients and the different spices used in the dish. Shiro manages to capture the true essence of the various Thai dishes by introducing this new conceptual menu. “We wanted to be different than other restaurants, so what we did was to identify the main flavours and the key ingredients of Thai dishes, like Coconut, Holy Basil, Tamarind and Birds Eye Chili. We have also designed the menu in a way that it features these ingredients. So, we don’t have the typical appetisers, soups, main course and dessert. What we have in the menu is dishes based on ingredients and different flavour profiles. So, we have dishes listed which are based on Tamarind and we have main course items which features Holy Basil as the main ingredient. We have segregated the dishes on the menu based on ingredients.”

Red Snapper with Spicy Sambal

Engaging The Eye

The elaborate dishes on the menu paints a vivid picture on the palette and the plate with vibrant colours that turns the eye. The plating and the presentation of dishes are carefully constructed to tell the stories of Thai flavours on a plate. Elaborating on the presentation of the dishes, Pawar added that “the way the food is presented and, even if you go through the menu as well, it is very fresh. If you look at the menu, it’s a full white background and the food and ingredients used in the dishes just pops in the menu itself. Once its on the table, the dishes are going to be very expressive right in front of you.”

Lobster Tail with Chilli Basil & Black Bean Sauce image

Setting Of Extravagance

The setting to celebrate this grand festival couldn’t be anymore perfect than at Shiro, with its elegant decor and high ceilings combined to illustrate a setting of extravagance. Shiro, which has been part of the Bengaluru’s ever growing restaurant scene since 2008, has made its name by focusing on an elaborate menu served in midst of a grandiose setting. The restaurant is well-known for its tasteful ambiance and the setting is exceeded only by its menu. “Shiro is a 180 cover restaurant and our usp is the high ceiling, which is a 65 feet ceiling. We have a lot of higher top management clients coming in for corporate lunches and dinners and people celebrating their anniversaries or birthdays, or special moments, ” added Pawar.

Roaring Dragon

Celebration Of Thai Cuisine

The Thai Food Festival at Shiro in UB City, Bengaluru, was unveiled on February 18th and will continue to delight the senses until March 3rd. The special a-la-carte menu is all that anyone could have imagined with delicate flavours combined with the complexity of dishes and served in an eye popping setting. The lunch hours for the food festival will be from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and the dinner hours will be from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  For more details and to RSVP, contact +91 7045797899 or +91 9619251403.