“Taste Of Streep” is Heaven for Meryl Streep Fans

Move over Twitter parody accounts that give a voice to celebrities that don’t want anything to do with social media, the combination of celebrities and food is taking over the internet. 

First, there was Celebrities in Ramen, where celebrities were Photoshopped into bowls of Ramen. Using images taken from scenes of their popular movies or television shows, these celebrities are either swimming in or jumping out of bowls of Ramen. Now, the Instagram foodies have taken it up a notch by creating Taste of Streep.

This account stars Hollywood darling, Meryl Streep (who once played legendary chef Julia Child in Julia & Julia and earned her another Oscar nomination), riding a pepperoni pizza, hugging a corn dog, bathing in mac and cheese and crawling out of a sloppy joe to name a few.

This is a new kind of #foodporn for the masses. If they could combine food and the best actress in the world, who could be next?