Taste Nostalgia When Cadbury Re-Launches Its Tiffin Chocolate Bars This June

Get ready for a literal taste of nostalgia; Cadbury will be re-launching limited quantities of its popular Tiffin Chocolate bar in Britain, which were taken out of the market in 2003.

The Tiffin Chocolate Bar

The tiffin chocolate bar was first launched in 1937, withdrawn from the market in 1972, re-launched in 1985 and then finally withdrawn in 2003. Now, it will be back in the markets for a limited period of time. However, the bar has been available in Ireland through the years.


The bar is filled with biscuit pieces, raisins and coated in Dairy Milk chocolate. According to a statement from Cadbury, only three million bars will be launched – an amount that it sure to sell out in a small amount of time.

Get yours!

The Tiffin bar will be on sale from June 1st at supermarkets across Britain for 1.49 pounds for 95 grams.


“Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin was a huge success with consumers, so much so that consumers have been appealing for its return on social media over the last few years!,” Matthew Williams, marketing director at Mondelez International, said in a statement.