A Taste Of Italian Pizzas At Café Coffee Day In Mumbai

A Taste Of Italian Pizzas At Café Coffee Day In Mumbai

Coffees and conversations have always been a part of Café Coffee Day and so has lounging at the famous coffee chain. The reason lies in their welcoming ambience, quirky menu and helpful staff of this chain no matter which branch of Mumbai you decide to head to.

So we headed on warm afternoon to a newly opened branch at Colaba near the famous restaurant Koyla to try something new on the menu – Italian Pizzas. We tried two of them and here’s out verdict.

Hotshot Sriracha Chicken Pizza

We love a little kick when it comes from almost any kind of food and the heat on this one was just right. The chicken was succulent and went quite well with the fresh paprika. We know coffees can go on with long talks but to linger on a little longer and give your craving stomach something delicious, give it this pizza!

Grand Seared Chicken Pizza

Smoky flavour from the chicken, melting cheese and just the right amount of spice made this pizza an absolute delight. The crunchy vegetables on both pizzas like sweet onion and bell peppers gave a taste elevation. Reward yourself after a hard day’s work with this pizza because on some days you need a little extra and coffee just doesn’t cut it.

So next time you’re at Café Coffee Day don’t just settle for a cup of joe and treat yourself a bite of delicious Italian Pizzas!