Taste Of Dakshin Rasoi And Indigo Burger Project At 11 Kitchens In Mumbai

The Food Court at CR2 has changed and gotten a makeover in the form of 11 Kitchens. Bringing in a spacious, brightly lit ambience that resonates a warm, café-like charm deGustibus Hospitality has brought together 11 food brands that include Indigo Burger Project, Dakshin Rasoi, Zoodles, Subway, Sbarro, The Veg Studio, Maroosh, HAS Juice, Pao&Bao, Koldplay to name the major ones. Here’s our experience tasting the food at Dakshin Rasoi and Indigo Burger Project

Dakshin Rasoi

Taste Of Dakshin Rasoi And Indigo Burger Project At 11 Kitchens In Mumbai

A South Indian food experience is incomplete without idli and wada so we decided to opt for their unique offerings in the same category – Tadka Idli and Rasam Wada. The Tadka Idli had a delicious tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves and dried red chillies. The combination with the quintessential nariyal ka chutney made for a delicious snack. The Rasam Wada had a mind blowing rasam which was fiery and flavorful at the same time.

Dakshin Rasoi had classic dosas like masala, mysore, ragi and even Paneer 65’. But we tried their Crispy Parmesan Dosa with Asparagus & Pickled Shallot with Parmesan Cream Sauce. The dosa was indeed crisp and the pesto and assorted chutneys absolutely delicious.

Indigo Burger Project

Taste Of Dakshin Rasoi And Indigo Burger Project At 11 Kitchens In Mumbai

The Indigo Burger Project has a variety of burgers right from Goan Chicken to Chicken and Chettinad Spices tactfully stuffing Indian touches between bread. The ones that caught our attention was The Sloppy which is an Old Monk infused Chicken Burger and of course, being Mumbai-kars we wanted to try The Mumbai Special also.

The Sloppy was a treat to the taste buds with chicken packed with flavours along with their special barbecue sauce and the old monk feels were just exceptional. One of the best choices for meat lovers would be The Sloppy. The Mumbai Special Burger patty was stuffed with vegetables sautéed in spices used heavily in the street food sandwiches and we simply loved it. The burger was tasty, crunchy and right now simply talking about it is making our mouth water. It’s that good. Do have their righteous Red Velvet Shake and pack up a grand burger meal at Indigo Burger Project.