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Tanmay Bhat Has A New Take On Potatoes & Taco Bell Is All Ears


Remember when Tex-Mex fast food chain Taco Bell rolled out its revolutionary new Naked Chicken Taco that replaces the crunchy (or soft, if you please) taco shell was replaced with a taco-shaped piece of crispy fried chicken? We’re guessing that the vegetarians must not have been particularly thrilled about that menu addition, which they couldn’t enjoy for obvious reasons. However, popular Indian stand-up comedian and co-founder of entertainment company All India Bakchod, Tanmay Bhat has an idea that will cheer everyone up – vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!

In a recent video released by TacoBell India, Bhat is seen pitching an exciting new idea to the Taco Bell team. The idea revolves around a product that aims at making the potato, a.k.a. “the most versatile food of our generation”, great again while and giving it a new identity that is not crushed between buns as in a vada pao or hidden inside a samosa.

This product is the new Crispy Potaco, which according to the restaurant chain lets the “potato’s glory shine on the outside in the most crispy delicious form”. The product calls all potato-holics to devour an all-potato shell filled with fresh veggies and signature sauces for just INR 99.

So, if you’re up for some crispy potato love, join Tanmay Bhat and Taco Bell in this #MakePotatoFreat revolution with a loud, hot, and cheesy crunch at your nearest Taco Bell stores now!

Watch the complete ‘The Pitch’ below.

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