December 10, 2017

Take This Soda Quiz To Know Your Beverages Better #QUIZ

Do you also have trouble gulping dinner without a sip of your favourite soda? Are you also a part of the soda-is-the-best-hangover-cure army? Is it true that for you the only thing that should sparkle is water? Well, then you my friend are a sodaholic! And welcome to the club. Is it a bad thing? No. (Should you keep a check on it, though? Definitely.) Being a soda fanatic comes with a palate well equipped with the ability to differentiate between flat, fizzy, regular, diet, Sprite, and 7Up. Basically, nobody can dupe you in the soda category (read, serve you Pepsi instead of Coke).

However, there is still so much trivia out there that you can read up on and fine-tune your pop knowledge. Take this quiz and educate (or test) yourself!

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