Take A Look At This “How Urban India Dines Out” Infographic Released By DineOut

Take A Look At This “How Urban India Dines Out” Infographic Released By DineOut

Urban Indians love eating out and with each city getting more and more innovative by introducing new restaurants with cuisines from around the world. We’ve got the usual Chinese, Italian, English, American and a few French restaurants even. The newer restaurants in the country are coming from everywhere including Greek, Ethiopian to name a few. But it’s not just international food that is catching the attention of people in the country – even North and South Indian food is making such an impact. A cuisine that is so popular in our country and made at home is still the favourite among most people in the country.

Dineout is a service that allows food lovers in India find restaurants in their cities and book a table simply by using the app. They’ve got lots of restaurants signed up with them to make this happen, making it easy for anyone who wants to go out to get the restaurant of their choice by booking ahead of time.

The company released a comprehensive study on “How Urban India Dines Out” across five metros – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata – with consumer insights and analysis on the dining out industry in the country. The results are measured over the current year and some of the important things that Dineout discovered were that lunch is more popular with diners over the weekend and luxury stand-alone restaurants are giving hotels serious competition.

Ankit Mehrotra, co-founder of Dineout talked about the study and said, “The vibe today is of savouring the food v/s just eating. People are preferring stepping out for lunch over dinner during the week and enjoy their meals more. Our research showed a considerable growth in bookings for lunch to any other meal of the day. The trend has trickled down to corporates as well, with increased booking by companies for lunches over the weekend. It is interesting to note how the mindset of the consumer is evolving when it comes to luxury dining, the stand-alones are as high-priced as the hotels yet people don’t mind spending more when the quality is impeccable and the experience is unique.”

Take A Look At This “How Urban India Dines Out” Infographic Released By DineOut

What does Urban India like to eat?

According to the study, North India and Chinese food make up the top three in every metro. However each city has their own specialties like with Hyderabad diners’ preference for barbecue as well as a preference for eating tradtionally local food when going out as well – for example, Bengali food is the third most popular cuisine in Kolkata.

Where does Urban India like to eat?

No matter the age group, catching up with friends for a meal and drinks is becoming very popular. Also, they want to find eateries closer to their workplace. Lower Parel in Mumbai and Connaught Place in Delhi are the most popular areas for dining.

When does Urban India like to eat?

Majority of Urban Indians are choosing a long brunch instead of dinners on a Sunday. With this day being a catalyst for family gathering and friends’ reunion, a brunch allows extended quality time with close ones vs. dinners, which if extended on a Sunday, bite into the early morning routine for the upcoming Monday.

There has also been an increase in diners stepping out for lunch as opposed to dinner during the week. Even during the weekends, lunch is becoming an evening more popular trend with families, groups of friends as well as corporates organising company lunches over the weekend.


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