Take A Journey With Dia Mirza Along The River Ganga On “Ganga – The Soul Of India”, Living Foodz New Show


On April 19th, the beautiful Dia Mirza an actress, activist and model along with executives from the Living Foodz TV channel, held court at the Four Seasons hotel in Mumbai for the launch of Living Foodz’ new TV show – Ganga – The Soul Of India. In the show, Dia as a host travels the length of the Ganga from its source down to West Bengal, learning about the culture, cuisines, people as well as other attractions along the way.

“It is impossible for me to encapsulate in a sentence the boundless joy, the learning, the discovery, the adventure “Ganga-The Soul of India” has brought to my life. For those seeking to define the idea of India, this is the journey to be part of,” said Dia. Through the event, she continuously expressed her heightened reverence for the River Ganga as well as her gratitude to Living Foodz and its team for giving her the opportunity to discover India in such a unique way.


About Living Foodz

Launched in September 2015, Living Foodz is part of the Living Entertainment brand of channels and is India’s first international 24 hour lifestyle and food channel. It seeks to redefine entertainment by approaching travel, food and culture in a unique format. The channel has already hosted a range of culinary heavy weights including Ranveer Brar, Kunal Kapur, Maria Goretti, Ajay Chopra and Rocky Singh.

The channel also hosts events that celebrate food and culture and encourage an interactive culinary experience.


Ganga – The Soul Of India

Living Foodz’ commitment to exploring travel, cuisine and culture in a unique way will be encapsulated in Ganga – The Soul Of India which will air on May 1st. In the show, Dia travels from the source of the Ganga in the Himalayas to the Gangasagar delta, where the river meets the Bay Of Bengal. The show is presented by Airtel and co-powered by Gowardhan Ghee. American Tourister is on board as its travel partner.

Speaking on the experience of filming at the event, Dia maintained that nothing in the process was scripted. “It’s been a very organic process,” she said, adding that the team would often visit places on a whim or suddenly decide to stop at an obscure location and start filming. Viewers, she says, will be charmed by the organic nature of the show.

Additionally, Dia believes that the viewer will be swept away by the magnificence that is the River Ganga. “This is the river that feeds so many millions of people. She is the life source,” Dia said, visibly moving her audience. Dia has long been renowned for her commitment to environmental causes, making her the perfect host to appreciate and communicate the significance and importance of the river. She goes on to encourage the audience to work towards conversing the river in their own ways.

Food From The Banks Of The Ganga

When asked about her culinary experiences on the journey (after all, it is a show on Living Foodz) she replied saying that the meals were mainly vegetarian in the north. As they followed the river south towards West Bengal they began to enjoy more fish. “There’s no lack of access to delicious food. All of it reflects what the banks give us,” she said, again drawing attention to the life-giving nature of the Ganga.

Further considering her experiences with food on the journey, she recalls an interview with a restaurant owner. During the interview the owner talks in detail about the different parts of the world that each ingredient comes from, stating that very few ingredients used nowadays are native to India. Dia replies saying that this displays India’s ability to welcome and absorb cultures from all around the world to create a unique identity. “Food is so incredible. It all comes together – we’ve embraced everything. That’s the idea of India – we’ve melted into becoming one being. That’s what we are as a nation. We’re like food!” she says, breaking out into laughter.


This leads to one of the largest takeaways from the show, Dia explains. It will show the viewer just how culturally diverse India is and how, as a country, it embraces a variety of cultures to form one identity.

Sounds like a transforming experience, doesn’t it? Catch the show on Living Foodz on Sunday May 1st at 12 noon and & pm, following which it will air at the same times each Sunday. If you can’t get enough of the show, Living Foodz has also launched a coffee table book highlighting some of the most moving moments on the Ganga – The Soul Of India journey.