Take A Walk By Chennai’s Beaches For Little Bites Of Happiness

One of the great things about Chennai is the beach. No matter what time of year, you can always see hundreds of people flocking over to the beach for some fun time with friends, quality time with family, or alone time to sit and gaze at the ocean. The coastline of the city always have people there regardless of the time of day and weather. Chennai’s beaches give people lots to do besides skating along the pavements, running across the shore or playing in the sand. Games by the beach, and horse riding by the shore is also very popular and people of all ages seem to enjoy it every time they visit the beach.

But Chennai’s beaches have more than just that. Food by the beach is something everyone enjoys and Chennai boasts of a distinct range of beach food. Walking by the sands, you will always find someone selling Sundal – a local favourite made with chickpeas and tempered with mustard seeds, chillies, curry leaves, and grated coconut. If you haven’t tried this yet, let this be the first thing you try when you head to the beach next. Hot and crispy bajjis are also popular treats that are fried fresh and served piping hot. You can also find corn vendors firing up a nice cob of corn for you to enjoy. For a real kick of flavour, try some raw mangoes that go with salt and chilli. They’re most enjoyable by both kids and adults and you can find a vendor all around the beach. For something simple yet enjoyable in flavour, ask a peanut vendor for a handful of boiled peanuts, often served wrapped in paper. Everyone loves snacking on this, and trust us, when you experience beach food in Chennai, you’ll love it too!

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