Take A Look At “Bread Omelette”, A Street Food Favourite In Chennai

When you’re living in Chennai, street food is something you would probably indulge in every other day, and even if street food wasn’t your thing, you’d be able to admit you binged on it at least once. Look at what Chennai’s streets have to offer here: https://www.hungryforever.com/see-street-food-in-chennai-like-never-before-with-kayendhi-bhavans/

It is a given fact that you can’t live in Chennai and not try some kind of street food. With flavours so diverse, one just has to try a popular item to know what street food in the city is all about. While the streets of Chennai are filled with joints of all kinds, serving popular South Indian snacks and dishes rooted to the state, there are some popular locations dishing out street food from other parts of the country for a little variety. But let’s talk about one of Chennai’s most treasured, most favourite, and ever so popular street food item – Bread Omelette. 

A delicious snack, that can be doubled and made a meal, is something many around the city savour. It’s a beautiful sandwich dressed with egg and flavoured with mint and spice sauces for a little kick. Take a look at what everyone in Chennai is drooling over with the video below.


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