Take A Drive To Annachi Dosa Kadai For The Best Caramel Fudge Brownies In Chennai

Hello brownie lovers of Chennai! Have we got some amazing news for you! The city has been blessed with the best brownies ever and we don’t know how to contain the joy. No, this is not exaggeration, because trust us, one bite of this brownie will leave you going crazy. We’re just going to assume that everyone in the city loves brownies, because seriously, who doesn’t? You could be 5 or 95 and still crave some good brownies. And now that we’ve found the most delectable brownies ever, we’re going to tell you where to get it. And more importantly, what it is ALL about.


What is it?

Caramel Fudge Brownies. That’s what it is. This delectable, soft, gooey, moist and perfect brownie makes us want to eat a whole truck load of them everyday. They’re just the right consistency, and melt in your mouth, leaving you savouring every single bite. Every. Single. Bite. These delicious brownies are home made, giving them a special touch and taste, and of course making them very unique. Trust us when we say, you won’t find Caramel Fudge Brownies like this one anywhere else! These sumptuous brownies are gloriously served topped with ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce and toasted nuts. It’s the perfect assembly, the kind that makes you want to eat with your eyes, drooling at the very sight. We don’t know the secret to these mysteriously awesome brownies, but what we do know is that the mix is soaked in caramel syrup, sandwiched with chocolate chips and baked to perfection! 

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Where do I find it?

Something tells us you already know it’s Annachi Dosa Kadai. This is a popular restaurant located at VGP Golden Beach, ECR, perfect for that long drive day with the family. Yes, if you were looking for an excuse to take a long drive outside the city, this is your chance! And trust us, that delicious Caramel Fudge Brownie topped with ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce, and toasted nuts (mmmmm!), is definitely worth the drive! Of course, if you’re heading there for a meal, nothing ends a good meal like dessert – hint, hint.