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Who Caroline thinks is her regular customer, the ‘extra croutons lady’ turns out to be a photographer who puts up an entire gallery of poor people. Which to Caroline’s surprise includes her, Max and even Earl. What bugs our gorgeous

Max and Caroline are showered and clean at their new gym where they’ve taken up part time job at the juice center. Meanwhile Sophie wants to eat green (which is not at all healthy of course) so the girls bring

Two Broke Girls are back on Comedy Central and we can’t help but crave delicious cupcakes shown in almost every other episode. To satiate our cravings and keeping the mango season in mind, we’ve made ourselves these awesome mango cupcakes!

We still crack up at the situations Max and Caroline fall into each time. We also drool over their sumptuous buttercream frosting on the cupcakes and wish we had just that while watching the show. Something to keep our tastebuds

Two Broke Girls is a hilarious show with Caroline’s amazing ideas to get rich again and Max’s quirky comebacks. The cupcakes do get them going and we can’t resist the creamy icings on each one of them including these delicious

Max and Caroline are broke and after being persuaded by the latter, Max starts selling her homemade cupcakes. But soon, cronuts begin trending in yet another hilarious episodes of the show and the duo try to add this new craze

It’s the winters and we’re sure you’re hooked up on plum cakes and marzipan but to cut the sweet treats there’s another one – Lemon Cupcakes! Let’s look into the recipe by Max, the cupcake specialist on Two Broke Girls.

Who isn’t fond of the ladies man, Earl from the show Two Broke Girls. His and Max’s banter is absolutely hilarious and Williamsburg Diner wouldn’t be the same without him. This cupcake is dedicated to him. So go and check

We’re sure you must’ve heard of chicken waffles but never a Chicken Waffle Cupcake. Well, it’s one of Max’s creation so she must have perfected the recipe before bringing it out to the world.So, fans of Two Broke Girls, without

Caroline loves Max’s homemade cupcakes and tries her best to make a fortune out of them. She even convinces Max to come on board though their hilarious situations continue to give us a stomach ache. So, continuing the series of

Continuing the series of Max’s delicious homemade cupcakes which no one can have enough of. Here’s the recipe of The Very Very Vanilla Cupcake Recipe and if you’re crazy about Two Broke Girls and the quirk and humour in the

If you’re a fan of Two Broke Girls you’re sure to love Max’s quirks and her delicious cupcakes. While we also became fond of Max’s and Caroline’s uncanny situations we’re also shocked at the variety of cupcakes Max has created.