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The summer season might have left us with the pitter-patter of the rains but that doesn’t mean that we can’t sit back and enjoy a refreshing iced tea. Especially when they’re spiked! Get ready to sip on lip smacking long

Though Annie and Hallie can’t be easy to identify in the movie, The Parent Trap, their different habits surely show. To be precise, their food habits show most of all. Like their breakfast while their plotting to switch parents one

Yauatcha, the dim sum teahouse from London is set to offer an all-new six course Supreme Set Menu for its patrons from Monday to Thursday, 7 pm to 11 pm. The six-course menu will feature a soup and a salad,

Food safety officials of Kancheepuram district on Tuesday seized 5 tonnes of adulterated tea powder from a house in West Tambaram and detained one person with respect to the case. Wood powder and expired tea powder used The food safety

Tea is nature’s way of saying “calm down”. And frankly, there could not have been a better way of doing the same. Calming down, that is (unless of course you’d rather hit the bar and gain your calm whilst losing

Hot summer and busy schedules stressing you out? Fret not because we have the perfect cocktail recipe to help you iron out those stress-induced worry lines and chill. Made with a lovely tea infusion made with Geisha, one of the

For anybody who loves tea, the most important aspect t how refreshing it makes them feel. If you’re looking for the perfect place to get your cuppa in, First Flush at the Lobby Lounge will serve tea brewed from the

Are tangy, citrusy desserts your thing? Then you’ve got to try this Orange Tea Cake recipe that’s made with almonds, orange pulp, orange zest and Pearl of the Caribbean, a luxury tea sent to us by TGL Co. from their Dessert

The monsoons have made their arrival pretty wet and clear in the past few days. The Capital is drenched – some parts even drowned – but most of us just can’t get over the gorgeous romantic side of this season.

The hands of the clock divide the day up for an average human being, but for a hard-core desi (Indian), the activity that punctuates the day is our religious cups of tea, a.k.a. chai. It’s true; you can ask any

Kids love popsicles. Adults love popsicles. Pretty much everyone loves popsicles, because hello, its summer and we would do anything for a cold treat.  To help you all beat the heat in style, we’ve come up with this yummy Fruity

ICYMI, (or you just don’t care) the FIFA World Cup 2018 is currently underway in Russia, and with all the VAR drama some of the best teams in the world are making a right mess of things. After Brasil drew

There’s a new bubble waffle place in town and they have a mesmerizing array of waffle combos to bowl you over. One of India’s leading bubble waffle franchise, the London Bubble Co. has opened its very first outlet in Chennai,

Getting the gang together this Sunday? Why not whip up a batch of Mango Mint Iced Tea cocktails. This vodka-based drink, courtesy of Awesome Cuisine, is possibly the coolest way to drink tea! Print Recipe Mango Mint Iced Tea The

We all remember how stressful exam time was (you know, all that procrastinating, and not a lot of studying), lots of cramming, missing meals, and binge-watching Netflix. However, one teacher in Texas tried to make life easier for his students

Teatime is a crucial half an hour of every tea-loving creature’s (especially if they are Indian) day. Nothing – absolutely nothing – can come in between that cup of piping hot tea and us. Except for a nice biscuit or

You hear “waffle” and you immediately imagine them with the characteristic honeycomb pattern. Not necessarily, say Bubble Bee’s bubble waffles, the trending dessert that is all the rage among foodies right now. Less than five months old, Bubble Bee, located

It’s just the perfect time of the year to sip on a tall glass of chilled iced tea – not the one from Long Island because that one sees no season. Now, the question that mechanically follows an order of

Smirnoff Equalitea

This punch recipe courtesy of Smirnoff is just perfect for those summer cocktail parties when you want a little bang for your buck. You can’t go wrong with vodka! Print Recipe Smirnoff Equalitea Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this

It’s pretty universally acknowledged that teachers have a fairly thankless job. Apart from the satisfaction of seeing understanding on a pupils face, there’s not much that teachers get by way of appreciation. Often, they are grossly underpaid and underappreciated. However,