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Exclusive collection of everyday traditional tamil recipes in easy homemade cooking steps from HungryForever!

Bread halwa is a simple and quick sweet dish prepared from soaked bread pieces.

Paneer Payasam is a quick dessert recipe that can be made in less minutes!

Coconut oil is good for the skin and hair. This oil is also used in cooking in many parts of India. We can also use coconut oil for massaging the hair and scalp and also to massage the skin. This

VIDEO: Print Recipe Alternate Method: This dessert is a wholesome dish with the goodness of protein and a flavorful sweetness. Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Course Sweets Cuisine Tamilnadu Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes

We have all seen our mothers and grandmothers cook oh-so-yummy Gajar Ka Halwa during holidays but we also know it took hours to cook! This One Pot recipe reduces the time spent in the kitchen and also the cleaning up

Science may not be that complicated after all. In fact, it’s not complicated at all when it gives us a new way of eating chocolate. It will emulsify even those who aren’t big-time fans of chocolate OR cooking. Check out

Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular and traditional Indian sweet recipe made especially for festive delight, such as during diwali, holi and navratri.

Of the many things that make us absolutely love the month of October/Fall, Diwali is one. And it’s not just the gorgeous clothes, gifts, and home decoration that get us all festive, but more so all the laddus, payasam, and

A wedding happening in the town of Thiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur, will not be complete without this delicious sweet dish made from moong dal or paasi paruppu, as it is known in Tamil Nadu. This dessert is a wholesome dish with the

Where else would you find a more authentic rice dessert than from the cuisine of Thanjavur, the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu? Vennaputtu, made with rice flour, butter (loads of it!) and sugar, is so tasty that you’d want to

There’s always something undeniably comforting about traditional dishes. It reminds us of home, childhood days and grandma’s lap. Milk Kesari is a traditional milk-based dessert that is a whole better version of your regular Kesari. It is one of the

Nestled in a tranquil part of Nungambakkam, Shubh catches the eye with its bright, colorful exteriors that create just the right amount of intrigue that makes you want to step in. With the sweet shop and packaged food section taking

Delhi is famous for a lot of things, food – especially the mithai – being one of the most loved. From the ghewars and sandesh to the rasugllas and gulab jamuns, the Capital has it all. Delhi also prides itself with

Badhusha is an easy to do sweet and it will be very delicious. Try this version of soft and yummy Badhusha and share your sweet experience!

Enjoy the fresh, fruity taste of a Raspberry Margarita. It’s an easy recipe to make from scratch and pairs your favorite tequila with fresh, sweet berries.

Our bodies need hydration no matter what time of year it is. During the hot days of summer, it’s easy to feel the urge to grab a cool drink. That’s why we have the ideal revitalizing drink for you to have

7 Cups Burfi

I had made this burfi for the first time when I was studying in college. I still remember the excitement and joy that I felt when the burfi turned out to be a great hit:) With that same joy, I

At the birth of dusk, we were all gathered around with undivided attention for the appreciation of Glen Grant’s Single malt whisky at Taj Coromandel, Chennai. It was presided over by the Global ambassador of Glen Grant, Mr Robin Coupar and hosted by Aspri Spirits,

Badam Pista Barfi is an Indian dessert made with almonds and pistachios. These are ideally prepared during festivals or you can simply enjoy it for a fuss-free, sweet treat.    

If you believe that a little sugar and spice makes everything nice, then Skittles has come out with the perfect candy for you! We told you before that Skittles were planning on launching spicy Skittles, and boy, it looks like