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Along with the blistering heat, summer does bring quite a few perks. Starbucks recently announced that they would be selling cocktail flavored lollipops this summer so you can get your sugar rush in the best way possible. The best part?

It is finally summertime! Summer at Starbucks is all about rewarding yourself. Just one indulgent sip of the Starbucks Frappuccino® will instantaneously give you the summer feels. This year, Starbucks unveils a uniquely charismatic and unapologetically bold, limited-edition Frappuccino® beverage

Last month, people around the world were shocked when Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks supposedly since they hadn’t bought anything. This incident proved that racism is still alive and well in the “melting pot” of

It is safe to say that most of us, no matter where we live, have been to a Starbucks store at least once in our life. And that’s possible because the coffee giant has over 21,000 outlets worldwide and serves

Last week, two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia in a shocking case of racism. The two men were waiting for a friend and hadn’t ordered anything when the police were called. This was despite the fact

Starbucks lovers, you’re gonna want to sit down for this one! The White Chocolate Mocha Latte that we’ve all come to know and love is hitting stores as a ready-made drink! The company announced the release of the latest addition to

In the week leading up to April Fools Day, there have certainly been some strange announcements causing everyone to be on the alert for #fakenews. However, it turns out that even the most cynical can fall for a good April

The changing weather of Mumbai is as unpredictable as ever but once you step into your nearest Starbucks outlet you’ll surely be able to experience the flavours of spring. Starbucks India has launched frappuccinos, smoothies and eats to go with

Starbucks has been making the move to go environmentally-friendly in the last couple of months by experimenting with an additional charge for disposable cups. Lucky for us, they’re also helping to facilitate that change by releasing three new coffee tumblers

The limited edition beverage, Crystal Ball Frappuccino by Starbucks is quite the hype in the US outlets as it came for a mere four-day period and looks spectacular. The beverage is here to stay only till today reports Popsugar and here’s

Popsugar reports the popular coffee chain Starbucks has launched Everything Croissant in the US and they claim that it tastes like a bagel. The croissant is supposed to be cheesy on the inside making us wonder if this is going to soon

Millennials around India breathed a sigh of relief when the first Starbucks in the subcontinent finally opened its doors. Lines stretched around blocks as people flocked to Starbucks to try out what had been so highly anticipated. However, that is

New Delhi’s plush Green Park is home to some of the finest stores and eateries. This week, the vibrant shoppers’ paradise gets a new Starbucks with specially curated experiences that bring customers closer to coffee.   First Of Its Kind

Starbucks in the US has come up with yet another macchiato and according to Popsugar, it tastes like Nutella in the form of an iced-coffee. Well, that it definitely we would look forward to seeing in an outlet close to

We live in an era where everything is available at the tap of a screen and at the swipe of a card albeit a few human hiccups. Case in point, Starbucks. The coffee giant may have revolutionized our morning cuppa

Environmentally friendly is the new catchphrase from bans on plastic bags to recycling rewards, and it looks like Starbucks is listening. The famed coffee giant, with the mermaid logo recognizable the world over, will be testing a paper cup fee

Breaking the commercial norms, the popular coffee chain, Starbucks has opened up many micro-shops across the US reports Delish. The mini coffee shops have been opened in old shipping containers and currently there are 45 in all. Coffee In A

If you love tea as much as we do, we’ve got some great news for you. Teavana at Starbucks has just added 3 new flavours to their range- Hathikuli Tea, Frozen Tea and Black Tea. Teavana is a more modern

Mumbai’s weather loves to play peek-a-boo and while it’s safe to say we’re in the winter season still, the heat and humidity of the day suggests otherwise. Thankfully, there’s Teavana by Starbucks to give us tea lovers a variety that

The popular magazine Fortune has recently released its list of the most admired companies in the world and has put Starbucks on the 5th position according to a report by The Daily Meal. Other food and beverage companies to make