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RoohAfza – the quintessential “soul-refresher” for over 100 years has been India‘s favorite drink for generations. Today, the brand launched its new TVC campaign called #GhulkeJiyo, celebrating India’s unity in diversity. Being the unmatched “drink of India”, RoohAfza has the stature

After successfully rolling out the Shakerato and Masaaaala variants last year, Rooh Afza is back with yet another fantastic collaboration with Barista. This time the two leading brands put together a duo of soul-warming hot drinks to get you through

The term “Rooh Afza” instantly transports us to a hot summer vacation afternoon with a tall pitcher of lassi or ice cold water flavoured with a dash of the brilliant red rose-flavored syrup. But with the latest news coming out

As evidence that consumers in India are looking for healthier options when it comes to food and drinks, recent data has shown that juices like Real, Slice and Tropicana have overtaken fizzy drinks like Coke and Pepsi in sales. This

Rooh Afza, known all over the country as the most popular rose-drink, is getting a much needed makeover by it’s promoter Hamdard Laboratories.  For almost 110 years, the brand has produced herbal products and they’ve stayed true to their packaging