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Too Lazy to cook? Try this mouthwatering one pot Coconut Rice dish! Weekdays can get a little hectic for everyone and to take out time to cook up an extensive meal can be oh-so-frustrating. So here’s a simple one-pot recipe

A major chunk of the world’s population would rather pair their main dish with rice instead of bread. Of course by “major chunk” I am referring to Asia because rice is “BAE” on this side of the hemisphere. Whether it’s

What do you do when your rice-loving palate wants to eat fancy but your body says “cook simple”? You resort to whipping up some delicious pulao, of course. Why? Because the preparation is easy to make and scores high on

The plastic ban in Maharashtra has affected the food industry in a significant manner as restaurants indicate losses and unable to find a suitable alternative to plastic. According to a recent update by the Hindustan Times has revealed that online

Paying almost double or even triple the normal rates for food at multiplexes isn’t something new to the Indian crowd. We’ve come to accept it as that is how things are even when it is a distasteful ordeal for most.

Cooking is made easier with a cooker.  The cooker is the most often used kitchen appliances, especially in India. At present the traditional cookers are giving way to electric cookers. The electric cookers are easy to use and they come

We love omelette and we love fried chicken rice and what happens when you mash up both of these? You get an omurice. An omurice is a popular dish from the Japanese cuisine that consists of an omelette made with

Refrigerator has come a long way from being a luxury item to a necessary appliance. Now you can’t think of living a day without a refrigerator.It helps in cooling the water to drink in scorching summer. It is used to

After the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was cut to five percent from 18 percent and input tax credit provision was taken away from restaurants last November, the eateries are now hiking food prices online delivery platforms report Business Insider.

When it comes to Gujarati cooking, there is absolutely no dearth of dairy, sugar, and jaggery. From dahi-infused snacks like the desi roll-up, a.k.a. khandvi to jaggery-spiked savory mains like the iconic Gujarati Kadhi, there is a little bit of

When we think rice, wee automatically think dal (or rasam or sambhar) as well because chawal-dal is a staple meal in many Indian households. But what if we told you that you could tweak your staple without in just a

The national capital may find it hard to satiate it love for aloo over the next few days as the price for the beloved root vegetable has doubled and gone up from INR 10/kg to INR 20/kg, as a result

The Rashtriya Kisan Mahasangh-led 10-day nationwide agitation started by farmers on 1st June in different parts of the country entered its third day today. The protest, which seeks to demand loan waivers, the right price of crops, and immediate implementation

According to a report by the Economic Times, increased crude oil prices may cause a 4-7 percent increase in the prices of consumer goods like packaged snacks and cooking oils. This inflation might result may affect demand and even bring

Having stayed in the Indian subcontinent (the northern half, to be specific) all my life, the one question that has haunted me before every meal is “rice or roti”? And it’s not so much the question than the actual answer

Summers in Chennai just cannot be imagined without markets overflowing with yellow-golden mangoes lined up in abundance. Summer 2018 is about to become even sweeter as mango prices fall by a third of their previous rates. This is a result

A new array of retail shops are set to open at Chennai Airports including ones selling packaged foods but these shops are barred from selling packaged water, which means that there will be no reduction in the prices of bottled

Cuddalore district saw an unfortunate incident on the 30th of April where 73 devotees were hospitalized after taking the sambar rice offered at an Amman temple at V Saathamangalam village as the temple ‘prasadam’. The affected population includes six children

Tamarind Rice is a delightful South Indian lunch recipe.The unique mix of the tart and zesty flavors makes this recipe adored by all age groups..