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Don’t let the rains dampen your workweek Mumbai. Head to these sassy events to perk up your week as you enjoy great deals, fab food and foot-tapping music. Renaissance Mumbai Sip on a lovely concoction of sweetened rum and juice,

Mundane tasks and long meetings wearing you down? Head out after work to a gig or simply have a lavish lunch to lift up your midweek spirits. Here are 5 events in Mumbai to perk up work weekday! [email protected] Café

We foodies aren’t satiated with the galore of food around us for our taste buds are always asking for something new and exciting. Keeping that in mind, restaurants in Mumbai keep adding to their menus, add in seasonal favourites and

Foodies! Gather around to relish delectable food and refreshing beverages in Mumbai all through the month of May 2018. May your taste buds be satiated sometime soon! Hard Rock Café Enjoy a variety of local burgers from various part of

It’s the fourth month of the year, the summer is not yet onto its highest, the mangoes are appearing on the scene and we’re craving new flavours. Aren’t we foodies? So let’s head out and check out all the places

For all the foodies of Mumbai who love to explore new and happening places in the city, this is the week for you. There is plenty of flavours waiting for you at these 6 places in Mumbai. The Fan Club

The weekend is almost here and you can get in your dancing shoes right from Friday evening. So here are 9 places that promise you a great time this weekend in Mumbai! Drifters Brewing Co. Get ready to be enchanted

Happy Friday Mumbai! This day is such a relief to everyone, even for those who work Saturdays, because finally, there’s going to be an end to a long week! So here’s how to make the best of these three awesome

Imagine a scrumptious burger with a meaty one pound chicken patty topped with crispy bacon, golden sunny-side-up and melting cheese. In burger heaven already? Though you can take your time to finish this glorious treat, there’s a reward waiting for

Find finger licking delicacies and get to try out new flavours at these amazing restaurants in Mumbai. Plus, there are also some new offers that we’re sure that you’ll simply love, so check it out! The Boston Butt All you

Craving a sumptuous meal after that long morning meeting? Or simply want great music and booze at the end of a long day? We’ve got all the cures to your weekday blues right here Mumbai. BKC Dive Ladies! Dive headfirst

Authentic, heart-warming Cantonese food, cheer and fervour of the Chinese New Year reflecting in the décor plus the warm hospitality is all you need for a complete experience of the occasion. Thankfully you can enjoy it within Mumbai thanks to

There’s nothing like a piping hot stuffed paratha on a winter morning with a dollop of extra butter. But if you’re bored of the same old potato and cauliflower stuffing then head to Paratha Mantra, a restaurant at the Fort

Mumbai is famous for its shawarmas and its pizzas too but bringing them together and creating a mouth-watering dish is a lesser known eateries in Mumbai – Shalimar. Set in Bhindi Bazaar locality, Shalimar Restaurant is right next to the

Playing board games at cafes and restaurants is a growing trend in Mumbai and we’ve found the 7 best places to have a gala time with your friends. Eat delicious food, have amazing drinks and play like there’s an off

BKC Dive is a spectacular bar that lets you unwind not just on the weekends but also during the workweek with delicious, comfort food along with spirits and cocktails which is enough to liven you up. It is a party

Can’t wait for the weekend? Catch a break with delicious food, amazing music and drinks which are guaranteed to refresh you for the week ahead. Take a look at these exciting offers and events in Mumbai. 145 Bandra Enjoy the

Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food and detoxifies your body like nothing else would. It has received global recognition as the ‘Brand India’ food. So why not try something new with our favourite delicacy? Tell Me More Do you liked

Hotel Aureole is known for its delectable food, lip smacking cocktails and even mocktails and now they’ve yet another reason to make your Sunday evening funnier than ever. Abijit Ganguly will be here on 28th Jan, 8 PM onward to

Are you a Pav Bhaji fan and feel that there’s not enough of it in the world to satiate you? Well, here’s a restaurant in Borivali which is ready to serve you the popular dish till you say stop. That’s