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1.KHARA PONGAL RECIPE Pongal is the most simplest and easiest breakfast recipe. Making pongal at home is a breeze. It has just 2 steps. Cook rice and dal and then do the seasoning. Today we will learn the Tamil style

1.PARMESAN GARLIC PASTA As a carnivore and a dessert lover, making something that doesn’t have meat in it feels like some kind of unbalance. But, this is such an easy and delicious recipe that it doesn’t matter. Plus, once you’ve

Phoebe wants to celebrate her birthday with her friends and they are all late and even when they arrive at the restaurant they still haven’t gotten over their issues. But we have a mind like Joey’s when it comes to

1.Creepy Candy Apples These poisonous looking black apples are sweet and delicious! 2.Peppermint Candy Recipe What colors you make them and how you decorate them depends on the occasion. Red for Christmas!! 3.Red Candy Apples Recipe You have to be

Who isn’t fond of the ladies man, Earl from the show Two Broke Girls. His and Max’s banter is absolutely hilarious and Williamsburg Diner wouldn’t be the same without him. This cupcake is dedicated to him. So go and check

We’re sure you must’ve heard of chicken waffles but never a Chicken Waffle Cupcake. Well, it’s one of Max’s creation so she must have perfected the recipe before bringing it out to the world.So, fans of Two Broke Girls, without

Continuing the series of Max’s delicious homemade cupcakes which no one can have enough of. Here’s the recipe of The Very Very Vanilla Cupcake Recipe and if you’re crazy about Two Broke Girls and the quirk and humour in the

If you’re a fan of Two Broke Girls you’re sure to love Max’s quirks and her delicious cupcakes. While we also became fond of Max’s and Caroline’s uncanny situations we’re also shocked at the variety of cupcakes Max has created.

Raj is heart broken in Season 6, Episode 17 of The Big Bang Theory and decides to become a monk renouncing all worldly pleasures. Except Lobster and Garlic Butter. See? No one, not even Raj  can resist such a delicacy.

Homer from The Simpsons has a belly that needs to be fed with scrumptious food and Marge loves to cook up delicious meals with a dash of her special ingredient – care. Today we’ll show you how to make delicious

Enid Blyton has enriched our childhood and thanks to her we’ll always yearn to solve some mysteries like the Secret Seven as well as eat the “Delumptious” food. In the first book Janet is shaking a bottle with some peculiar

1.Kerala Fish Curry Recipe Kerala Fish Curry Recipe with step by step.Learn how to prepare the most famous Kerala red fish curry recipe ever.Try this your sunday special. 2.Tawa Fish Fry Recipe This tawa fish fry recipe is modelled after

Try out this easy dip made with ingredients available in every home. You will be the star of any party you take it to. Cool creamy curd meets zingy lemon and fresh herbs. A perfect accompaniment to veggie stick and

The Mai Tai is quite an elusive drink. Complex, and hard to get right, you won’t see many place advertising that their Mai Tai will be one of the best you’ve had. With this simple recipe, you can kiss goodbye

Something has to be said for how brilliant summer brunches are. The sun shining down you while surrounded by food and friends (yes, in that order). However, sometimes the heat can get a bit, how should I put this delicately?

Nothing says summer vacay like sipping a delicious Pina Colada on the beach. Unfortunately, for us grown ups in the real world, the summer doesn’t necessarily translate into to beach trips (at least for the majority of us). But have

It’s ‘that’ time of year. When a fan just doesn’t cut it, and a simple walk to the store can make you feel like you’ve crossed the Sahara. If you are of age, and already know the refreshing delight of a Mojito I can assure you that you’re gonna love this! These Mojito slushies cool you all the way to your soul and give you a nice buzz. Did I mention that it only takes 10 minutes to make? Happy drinking!

It has been a long (long) weekend and we can only imagine that you probably feel the same way we do (dehydrated and full of regret). Just kidding! In any case, we all know that any hangover cure may come in handy someday (read: tomorrow morning) and this special elixir bloody mary will be the answer to all your prayers!

Enjoy your Easter Sunday brunch sipping on this absolutely gorgeous cocktail. This Champagne Float Mimosa has to be one of the most stunning cocktails you’ll ever drink. It combines sherbet and champagne, (two of any adult child’s favourite things) so you really can’t go wrong! It’s probably not the most classy way to drink champagne but it is, (dare I say it?) the most delicious!

Three ingredients is all it takes!