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No meal is complete without dessert! Sheera is a classic Indian sweet that is super easy to make. Prepared using milk, sooji and ghee, this simple yet tasty dish is sure to be a hit at your next party!

Dhaba Chicken Curry is an easy-to-cook North Indian recipe which is sure to be loved by everyone! This classic curry will definitely back memories of stopping at Dhabas along the highway while road tripping with your family. This yummy chicken

A quick and easy recipe, Peanut Curry is a popular Maharashtrian dish. The addition of grounded peanuts makes the gravy rich and creamy and goes well with dosa and chapati.  

Penne Arrabbiata is known for its zing of spiciness. Its name refers to the “angry” heat of the chilli-spiked tomato sauce. Super easy to make, this dish is perfect for a dinner with friends. All you need to make this

A good book is always best enjoyed with a tasty snack. Make a crunchy snack with just five ingredients. In this recipe, the roasted Channa Dal is mixed well with chilli powder, black salt, amchoor powder and asafoetida. With the

A popular Italian recipe, Pasta is made in a variety of sauces. In this recipe, the pasta is tossed in fresh cream with oregano seasoning and chilli flakes to make it more flavourful. Pair this delicious and creamy pasta with

If you like your chicken with extra spiciness, then Chicken Bhuna is the perfect dish for you! An extremely easy recipe, the onions are blended together with along with ginger, garlic, chillies to form a thick paste. The chicken is

Impress your guests with this Kerala style fried chicken! Marinated in curd and corn flour, it is the addition of lemon and spices that make this dish stand apart from the rest. So, now you know what to make for

Kerala Chicken curry, known for its rich flavour and a hint of extra spiciness, is a delicious choice for your chapati or rice. The various spices along with curry leaves lend the rich flavour to the gravy and is an

Let’s brighten up your Diwali, shall we? Get into the festive mood with a bowl of delicious Kesari. We have the perfect recipe to help you out with it. So, make your Diwali parties more sweet with some Kesari with

Let’s make this Diwali a little sweeter with some delicious Coconut Laddus! Follow the below recipe to make some delicious laddus without any hassles.

Three ingredients is all it takes!

This is something of a cheat, but it’s also the perfect cheat day snack. It’s a combination of everyone’s two favourite things, so you really can’t go that wrong. The more complicated and long-winded way is obviously to make everything

The wonderful thing about fro-yo (frozen yogurt) is that it’s perfect for any time of year. Whether it’s summer, winter, monsoons, autumn or spring. It’s the kind of treat that sometimes gives ice cream a bad name. But like no-churn

It might be a Valentine’s Day special recipe, but who said that everything during Valentine’s Day has to be pink? We’re changing things up a little this year and adding a little more colour to what we all know as

If you’ve made the Paneer Stuffed Pakoda and you have some crumbled paneer left over, this is the best snack to make.

Have you ever had this incredible craving for a snack that you can only get outside of your house, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home to get food? Well, here’s an easy and delicious snack

Eggs Benedict has always been a staple for great breakfasts, with egg, bread and bacon. It’s popular during brunches and in books and movies, but it’s also a little more complicated to make than we can imagine. Making poached eggs

There was a time when everyone was either serving, selling or making dessert jars and we totally get why as well. They are easy to transport and such the perfect gift. Also, look how neatly and tightly packed they are.

One of the amazing things about Christmas is that you can make and eat just about anything and everything and not have to explain yourself to anyone at all! Christmas is the season of joy, of giving, of spending time