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A delicious, mouth-watering and easy to make chettinad style Eral (Prawn) Kuzhambu.

Prawn thokku or eral thokku is all time favorite. It can be had with rice as side dish or with any kind of tiffin items.

If peri-peri is your kind of flavor, you will love this spicy, delicious Peri-Peri Prawns. Juicy, tender and oh-so-drool-worthy, this prawn dish is easy to make and taste amazing. A perfect appetizer for any meal, this dish will get the

Prawns are one of the most-loved seafood and for good reason. We love prawns in all of its edible forms but we’re a little partial to this Spicy Beer-Battered Prawns recipe. It’s made with Hunter Beer sent by Som Distilleries,

Love seafood? Adore pakoras (Indian fritters)? Well, then you’ve landed at the right place. This easy-peasy shrimp pakora recipe is an excellent way of satiating any and all seafood cravings while adding a touch of desi at the same time. How awesome

A popular appetizer from the Southeast Asian cuisine that is believed to have originated from Indonesia, the satay is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, that is usually served with a sauce. The more authentic version of satay is made using skewers

Indian prawn masala is one of the most enjoyed and sought-after recipe that does not take much time to prepare. Using easily available spices, it is a hot and tangy dish one can enjoy at family gatherings or parties with

Prawns biryani recipe – a quick & easy one pot biryani that has flavours of delicious, meaty saltwater prawns. Made with yogurt and minimal spices,prawns biryani is quick fix lunch for the seafood lovers.

This is a very easy recipe for a tasty, light, flavoursome prawn curry that would go down a treat if you’re looking for an easy mid-week meal.

Our scrumptious prawn thokku recipe is the perfect side dish for dosas, Idlies or rice. You can even have it as an appetizer as it tastes really divine! The prawns will vanish from the plate in the blink of an

Like seafood? Love biryani? If you’re nodding frantically, then this rich prawn biryani is just the recipe you need to whip up tonight! Biryani is known far and wide as probably one of the riches, most aromatic, and regal rice

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Tequila Lime Shrimp is packed with flavor, easy to make, and is the absolute perfect summer shrimp dish. Enjoy a tasty and delicious sidedish with your loved ones.

Make your next barbecue a breeze with our BBQ Shrimp Recipe.This barbecue shrimp requires only quick stove-top cooking with no grill in sight.

Grilled shrimp is quick and easy and tastes great. See all the simple marinades and spicy shrimp skewers.

Kolambi Bhaat or Prawns Rice is a famous and authentic seafood rice delicacy cooked with prawns, rice, onions and spices from the Malvan region of Maharashtra.

Prawn Oil Recipe

Cooking a flawless meal is not just about getting the technique right, but it has also got a lot to do with the ingredients used. And what’s better than a dash of homemade flavoured oil to step up your food

Prawns Varuval is an awesome side which goes excellent with Rice, Chapathi, Roti and also goes very well with Breads.

Love seafood? Adore pakoras (Indian fritters)? Well then you’ve landed at the right place. This easy-peasy shrimp pakora recipe is an excellent way of satiating any and all seafood cravings while adding a touch of desi at the same time.

Prawns are an excellent choice for making a biryani. Juicy and succulent, these take on the rich flavours from the spices and aromatics .