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Have you ever tried Cranberry Banana Pancakes? Soft, fluffy and moist and taste just like banana bread with cranberry toppings. Made with mashed ripe banana, eggs and cranberry. This easy recipe makes for the perfect weekend morning breakfast.

A day that starts off with a good breakfast is a productive 14 hours in the making. And while most of us skip this “most important meal of the day” and settle for some coffee, juice or tea, we’d still

The idea of an absolute stud muffin like Chris Pratt tossing breakfast pancakes for his 4-year-old son Jack is downright ‘aww’ inducing. Only that the Guardians of the Galaxy star failed at making the pancake look like Donald Duck. And

Print Recipe Mound of French Pancakes Filled with Cream Cheese, Spinach, and Mushrooms An amusing entrée or main-course dish can be made by piling crêpes, a filling between each, in a shallow baking dish. (It looks like a many-layered cake

You could top it with a rich creamy berry sauce, load it with oodles of whipped cream or simply some fresh cut fruits. It can be breakfast, it can be snack. And that’s why we love our pancakes; they are

Print Recipe Kaiserschmarrn (Emperors’ Nonsense) Kaiserschmarrn also known as the Emperors’ Nonsense is a traditional Austrian dessert. It is a type of pancake made in butter. The pancake is split into several pieces while frying and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Print Recipe Buttermilk Apple Pancakes Pancakes are an all american breakfast dish. I’ve specially created this recipe as the lactic acid in the curds is known to stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin which helps to control blood sugar levels.

Print Recipe Gingerbread Pancakes The smell of these is incredible. The kids will love it if you make them large enough to fit your gingerbread cookie cutter then cut them out. Fun food. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this