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Prison is a place where fight can break out over anything but the one over Taystee’s ice-cream is something we feel is legit. Well, can’t give up on ice-cream now right? Print Recipe Orange Is The New Black Chocolate Ice

It’s quite impossible to eat a corn on the cob with just salt but when you’re in prison, there’s little choice. Boo has learnt that and enjoys this snack quite often. We’ve made it on a tastier side so that

Chinese food is accepted as comfort food and we’ve seen this a lot on American television. Hooked to Orange is the Black on Netflix, we can’t help but notice the lovely bunch of Chinese takeout that Larry’s parents bring for

Watching Larry munching on them while watching TV made us realise that this is the perfect things for binge watching the show itself. If you agree, follow the recipe and make some yourself! Print Recipe Orange Is The New Black

Binge watching on Netflix simply shouldn’t be without having scrumptious food by your side especially when episodes so such delicious meals. Watching Suzanne munch on White Castle’s fast food was tempting enough for us to make sliders for ourselves. Here’s

For all the fans of Orange Is The New Black, here’s the recipe of Apple Pie that Jason Biggs’ loves so much. And we don’t blame him for making it his comfort food, it is absolutely delicious! Print Recipe Orange

Piper’s last day of freedom shown in the first episode of Orange Is The New Black is no ordinary affair. There is a feast complete with a whole roast pig and we believe it is actually a great idea to

Taystee’s surrogate mother Vee makes this delicious cake with chocolate icing to pacify her daughter . Now, no one can resist that right? Print Recipe Orange Is The New Black Funfetti Cake Delicious Funfetti Cake With Chocolate Icing! Votes: 0

Whenever we’re feeling a little low (like when Monday looms) we think of Orange Is The New Black. At least, we tell ourselves, we’re not cooped up in a prison like Piper Chapman. Despite being set in the prison, Orange

In one episode of Orange Is The New Black, Red gets her hands on a little bit of corn from the prison garden. She proceeds to make a batch of corn quiches, topped with sage. The quiches looked absolutely delicious; kudos to Red for managing to whip up such delicacies in a prison. Make your own with this simple recipe.

In season 2 of orange is the new black, Vee mentioned how she made Taystee butternut squash soup and a salad. That must have seemed like a feast fit for kings for prisoners, but we can bet it’ll taste pretty great even if you whip it up at home.

In ‘Orange Is The New Black’ O’Neill and Bell, two officers from the prison complain to a man at Trudy’s doughnut shop about the red velvet doughnuts. They claim they’re overpriced and taste terrible. Why not try making your own

A few days ago, a study conducted in the USA revealed that inmates in American prisons prefer using ramen as ‘currency’ over cigarettes. Gibson-Light, the study author suggested that this is because prison food has been steadily declining, so inmates

Orange Is The New Black is still delighting TV watchers with its unique insight into women’s prison. While one wouldn’t think there’s a lot of delicious food floating around prison the show manages to work in quite a few references

Here’s a sentence Singaporeans never thought it’d ever say: “Hey, that prison food was awesome!” And voluntarily, that too! On 16th and 17th June, fans of popular TV Show ‘Orange Is The New Black’ can dine like their favorite characters