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If you’ve been reading the news, then you know that the world has suddenly become even more healthy than it used to be six months ago. Everybody is looking to eat healthy, getting rid of the saturated fat and other

Last year, we talked about how fast-food brands come to India and change their menus to suit the local tastes and flavours. But in the last week, McDonald’s took that quite literally. And people everywhere are extremely confused by this

In a huge move from the Centre, it was said that the service charge that is mentioned on your bill is not a mandatory payment. If you were unhappy with your service or the experience when dining, you can waive

The concept of a pop-up restaurant is not new, but it’s something that is slowly gaining traction all over the world. Everywhere there are pop-ups that are, for the lack of a better word, popping up and delivering different kinds

While being vegan might be a lifestyle choice and something of a trend in the world today, there’s no reason to boycott vegan restaurants or mutter bad things about them just because it’s not what you like. As a hardcore

Food Hybrids seem to be all the rage right now. Well, not right now, but this year. We’ve had so many different hybrids and it’s reaching the point where people are running out of ways in which to create new

We’ve already talked a lot about startups rising and falling and collapsing under the weight of expectations from customers and from within the company itself. There are so many reasons why food delivery startups don’t succeed and the list is

Baba Ramdev has one mission – take over the FMCG and pretty much every other business he can set his hands on. He wants to take over the world, one step at a time. It’s not that difficult, clearly, since

Maybe it’s the new trend, or maybe it’s a way to bring in more people. But either way, fast food joints are now starting to changing up their menu and offerings and it’s a little strange. We’ve always known of

Coca Cola recently announced that they’re going to be releasing bottled coffee in 2017, which follows their plans to launch healthy snacks and fruit juices into the market. This is a huge step for the beverage giant, because ever since

Everybody has an opinion these days (us included) about the kind of food we eat and the kind of places we should frequent and what is good and what is bad. Very often, these reviews aren’t nice and they are

In the recent years, it’s become quite obvious that a lot of Indians don’t really know what the traditional food of their home state is. In a country that is filled with fast-food companies and a growing number of restaurants

With all the rising and falling trends, it’s become quite clear that most people prefer to order in and eat in the comfort of their own homes. Which is leading to restaurants shutting down because the footfall on a daily

Food delivery services are easily the leading startup growing in India. They’re having problems, like all startups are, but they bounce back with new funding and investments and changes in processes. But there’s always going to be something that is

With the GST in place, we will have a one tax system without the stream of multiple taxes at each point. This is a system that will bring efficiency in product costs. This is a healthy practice being followed by

We’ve been talking about health and eating healthy for a while now and only because it’s become clear that most of the world is on a health kick. It’s becoming more and more difficult to lose weight when faced with

If you’ve been following the news and reading the details religiously, you will know that pretty much everything that you love is now dangerous to health. It seems like the ingredients that go into the best dishes in the world

According to a 2015 survey by the Malnutrition Mapping Project, an education and advocacy tool created to map global malnutrition trends by the non-profit Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, India has the third highest number of obese and overweight people

When I first watched Chef, I was so impressed and excited by the idea of food trucks. It wasn’t the first time I had seen food trucks, but it was definitely the first time an entire movie was focused on food

Have you been researching everything under the sun and trying to the find the healthiest option for different meals? Because you might want to stop doing that right now. Apparently the foods that most of us consider ‘healthy’ is actually