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A drink that is sure to help you pull off a hot summer day in style, this Nutella Milkshake can be whipped up in a jiffy and is so delicious you will keep wanting more. Made with as less as

With a production of over 350,000 tonnes annually, it is safe to say that Nutella is probably the most widely consumed chocolate spread in the market. The chocolate-hazelnut condiment, which can be eaten in so many ways, has made quite

Are you the kind that straightaway orders a brownie for dessert? Then this recipe is for you. Are you the kind that feels a jar of Nutella and a spoon is your kind of heaven? Then this is for you

Easter is celebrated worldwide by making various varieties of sweets, pastries and desserts. Here we have a chocolatey dish which is sure to convince your sweet tooth. Begin your Easter with our simple yet yummy Nutella French Toast.

Ferrero, better known as the makers of Nutella are said to be close to closing a deal to purchase Nestle US in a $2.8 billion deal. However, the news hasn’t been officially made known. In spite of that Nestle’s stock

After social media went into the emoji frenzy over Google’s ill-stacked cheeseburger, it’s now Nutella that has all of our nerves wracked. The former was christened #BurgerGate while this one has been given the name #NutellaGate. Why, you may wonder?

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Nutella (just FYI they do exist). So, when we heard the news that Nutella chocolate bars had dropped in the UK we immediately made plans to immigrate. Just kidding! We were

The world is obsessed with Nutella and so are we. So, today we’re sharing a recipe for a copycat recipe; while we can’t say it tastes as great as the real thing, this one does taste pretty darn good.

Nutella makes the world go round, amirite? Or actually, it simply makes the world “round”, if you know what I mean. In either of the cases, there is no civilized or worthy existence without a jar of the hazelnut flavoured

Do you love Nutella? What are we asking; of course you do! You could buy a jar and head home to loose yourself to spoonfuls of ecstasy. Or, you could head to these places in Mumbai to pay a true

A recipe for an incredible moist and soft banana bread with swirls of Nutella. Enjoy a slice at breakfast, at tea time or as an after dinner sweet.

A wise man once decided to give the human race the best of chocolate and hazelnut in a jar. The wise man was none other than Michele Ferrero and that thing in the jar is our beloved Nutella. The spread

This easy cream cheese bar swirled with Nutella spread on a chocolate chip cookie crust will be a chocolate lover’s favorite.

Nutella just can’t seem to catch a break. A couple of weeks after the whole ‘can the palm oil in Nutella cause cancer controversy’ – read more about it here – the internet has found another reason to be horrified

Recently, the internet and Nutella consumers worldwide were all a flutter when reports began to emerge that palm oil, an ingredient in the delicious chocolate spread may cause cancer. Before you fly into a panic, however, take a few minutes

A group of thieves in Ontario have recently found themselves behind bars for stealing cards, dealing in drugs and – here’s the one you’ll relate to the most – $22,000 worth of Nutella. According to Detective Sergeant LaSalle of the

This creamy, chocolately and hazlenut infused delicacy has won itsels scored of fans worldwide – not just chocoholics, but anyone with even the slightest sweet-tooth. Yes, we’re talking about Nutella. Sure, scooping a spoonful straight out of the jar might

We’ve heard of every possible nutella combination – nutella cronuts, nutella pop-tarts, boozy nutella hot chocolate, nutella truffles – the list goes on! And when it comes to unique culinary creations, Australia takes the cake, especially with their extraordinary dessert

That’s right, McDonald’s is giving the people what they want and by that we mean, making a burger made out of something that pretty much everyone in the world craves on a regular basis. Yup, we mean Nutella. Let’s start by

Nutella is synonymous with love for many a foodie. We eat it atop waffles, pancakes and bread, bake it into desserts or simply wolf it down by the spoonful straight from the bottle. However, now Ferrero, the manufacturer behind Nutella,