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Think milkshakes and the one name that pops up in every Delhiite’s head is ‘Keventers’. The homegrown milkshake mullah is loved for its many milkshake outlets across the Capital. And now, the brand is all set to expand its service

Lo and behold, it’s World Milk Day! Honestly, it’s only fair that a single drink that is so rich in nutrients, taste (have you tried chilled milk), and versatility (have you tried adding some coffee, cocoa, and more to that

Fruits, chocolates, and cookies are all amazing in their own unique way. And when blended into a thick and creamy beverage with milk, they become even better. Now, there is flavoured milk and then there is milkshake. Both separated by a

How far would you go for a chilled glass of Horlicks this summer? Would you make a record-breaking tall glass of the healthy drink? Because the kids at DAV Public School, East of Kailash, New Delhi did just that –

A drink that is sure to help you pull off a hot summer day in style, this Nutella Milkshake can be whipped up in a jiffy and is so delicious you will keep wanting more. Made with as less as

Planning a trip to Goa soon (aren’t we always)? Well, we’ve got some great news for you. Now, you can enjoy your favorite milkshake when you’re on holiday as well. Keventers has entered the market in Goa with two outlets.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Oreos, and honestly, it’s a lot harder to find someone who doesn’t like Oreo milkshake ( come on, it’s delicious). And guess what? Oreo is making all of our dreams come

CW’s Riverdale is quite different from the premise of our favourite childhood comics. One thing that they do keep true is the popularity of Pop’s; the gang often meets at Pop’s Chocklit Shop to strategize. Veronica once ordered a double chocolate milkshake which looked absolutely delicious; here’s a recipe.

Tender Coconut Milkshake is a creamy, delicious drink made from succulent flesh of coconut. It is perfect to be savoured during breakfast or lunch.

Summer has really been difficult this year, and it’s not just the unrelenting heat. Demonetisation has left everyone’s pockets a little lighter (except the rich people, of course, the irony!). If you’re looking for a cool (literally, cool, you’ll see) way to get a bit of that summer buzz then we have just the cocktail for you! The Lava Flow cocktail not only looks amazing but is also a take back to those childhood summer days when mum used to force banana milkshake down our throats (oh, was that only me?). This R-rated version of the banana milkshake combines bananas, strawberries and rum! Did somebody say match made in heaven?

Folks in Hyderabad, there’s something special happening in your city. Swiggy has joined hands with The Thick Shake Factory to create a brand new shake that you can order via the Swiggy app. Aptly called The Swiggy Shake, the shake

Sonic Drive-In, or Sonic, a chain of drive through stores in the US will help long summer days become that much better this year by offering happy hours on their shakes selections. After 8pm each day, milkshakes at Sonic will

It might be a Valentine’s Day special recipe, but who said that everything during Valentine’s Day has to be pink? We’re changing things up a little this year and adding a little more colour to what we all know as

Orange is the new pink

Valentine’s Day is one of the few days in the year when couples celebrate each other, love and everything that comes with it. There are dinner parties, contests, events and the like to help you find the best way to

Apart from the MCFloat, our favourite drink at McDonald’s is the strawberry milkshake. Thick, creamy and luscious, the milkshake is beautifully refreshing. Since its strawberry season, we thought we’d share a copycat recipe for the milkshake; enjoy with a side of fries!

Is it too early to think about St Patrick’s Day? McDonald’s thinks not; they just announced that they will be serving limited edition Shamrock Shakes through February and March. Have You Tried The Shamrock Shake? Faithful McDonald’s customers may already

We’ve devoted quite a lot of attention to recreating foods featured in the still popular TV show, FRIENDS. That’s understandable; it was an undeniably awesome show, one of the main characters is a chef and another one really (really) loves

This creamy, chocolately and hazlenut infused delicacy has won itsels scored of fans worldwide – not just chocoholics, but anyone with even the slightest sweet-tooth. Yes, we’re talking about Nutella. Sure, scooping a spoonful straight out of the jar might

One is a KFC prodigy, while the other has been synonymous with delicious thick shakes for as long as we can remember. One is crunchy, slurpy, and so thick that it has a special – a wider – straw for