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We’re all aware of how good Cheetos are – they’re so good, that there was an entire pop up restaurant devoted solely to Cheetos. If you’re a fan of the spicy junk food but think that an entire menu of

Much like Oreo, the fiery and uber spice Flamin’ Hot Cheetos too has seen its share of variations and experiments in the past few months. Starting from the gorgeous Cheetos quesadillas by Taco Bell Philippines, Burger King’s Cheetos chicken fries

Not too long ago, Burger King made thousands of dreams come true by introducing a deep-fried Cheetos and mac n’ cheese hybrid, called the Mac n’ Cheetos. People went crazy, the dish tasted mind-blowing and BK’s new experiment was an

There have been food hybrids galore in the past few years. Cronuts, Flagels and French Toast Bagels were all regarded as either master creations or abominations depending on who you talked to. Fast food giants were quick to jump on