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If you travel a lot and enjoy staying at five-star hotels frequently, then these loyalty programs are perfect for you. Infact, all luxury hotel chains have these programs but to really know which one offers the best deals is quite

Choosing the best hotel rewards program depends on a lot of factors – Where you travel and how often you travel. Are you the kind of person satisfied with a complimentary breakfast or are you not happy until you’ve got

We recently told you that Grofers was having a soft launch of a special membership subscription, which gives customers unique loyalty benefits unlike any other grocery player in India. And it seems to have been a booming success as it

If you haven’t heard about the Socialite Card yet, now is a good chance for you to learn more about it. The HungryForever loyalty program provides you with your very own card that gives you access to great discounts at

Once in a while, a great deal comes along and knocks you off your feet. But if you’re a member of the HungryForever loyalty program, these deals come along every single day!  Meet the Socialite Card, the perfect addition to your

Food is our life and if you feel the same way, then the HungryForever loyalty program was made just for you. Sign up for the Socialite Card today and avail of great discounts and deals from participating restaurants in your

The Socialite Card, HungryForever’s loyalty program for food lovers all across India entitles you to amazing discounts at select restaurants, bars, hotels and more in your city.  Sign up today (Socialite Card is Rs. 2,500 a year) and you’ll get a gorgeous

Say hello to your little friend. The Socialite Card is HungryForever’s loyalty program wherein  by signing up and getting your own card, you are entitled to unlimited half-price, buy one get one free deals and more at your favourite restaurants,