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What’s the one thing that prominently comes to mind the minute we hear someone say “KFC”? The face of Colonel Sanders, of course. Now, Colonel Sanders gets an Indian identity. Popular Indian film and theatre actor Denzil Smith has been

Fast food restaurants have been changing things up in the last couple of years by attempting to add more vegetarian items to the menu to cater to vegans around the world (we’re looking at you McVegan). However, it has come

Summer is finally here and KFC is rolling out the one must-have accessory for any successful pool party. After the fantabulous KFC lip balm they put out earlier this year KFC has come out with a sick Colonel Sanders pool float

The popular KFC outlet at Bandra’s Linking Road in Mumbai is temporarily shut since mid-Februrary due to a loan default issue reports Mid Day. Ashok Bhatia who is the owner of the ground and first floors said that the owner

So, a few days ago fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken, a.k.a. KFC announced that it would be making its first foray into personal care and cosmetics with the launch of its flavored lip balms. Now, we know this was

You have to have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about KFC running out of chicken in the UK leading to scores of outlets shutting shop. KFC posted what we can only assume was a cheeky apology

In what seems to be a bounce-back of sorts for food services, Yum! Brands, which operates Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants in India, saw strong sales growth for the sixth straight quarter (October-December). This is actually the highest growth reported in

Over the years, the father of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s, Colonel Harland Sanders has been impersonated by a lot of people for marketing and campaigning purposes. All these impersonations have been done by men because, of course, Sanders too was one.

Have you ever experienced a massive bout of FOMO while checking out all the cool, new, food gadgets available overseas? Lucky for us, KFC India is making things happen by introducing super awesome ‘drone packaging’ as a promo for the

Apparently in Europe ‘stocktails’ are a thing (cocktails made from stock). KFC is hoping to leap on this bandwagon by encouraging customers to make cocktails out of their gravy. Sounds bizarre? Well, they’ve actually given you all the tools you

For most carbohydrates are bad, but given the current fast food trend, the food group seems unnecessary altogether! What trend, you ask? Allow us to remind you of the crunchy bun-less wonder that took India by storm a few months

Nothing beats the smell of KFC’s crispy chicken, honestly, half of the taste is in the smell. However, if you’re using public transport, the smell might not be quite so enjoyable for all the other people on your commute. In

KFC is known for its quirk and sass, remember the guy who guessed their twitter gag? The fast food chain gave him a painting in which Colonel Sanders is carrying him. And how can we forget the escape pod that

With Christmas less than a fortnight (and hardly 10 business days) away, it’s time we start putting together our presents to gift family and friends over the holidays. And if you’re in a major fix, like us, over what to

After gifting a fan a Colonel Sander’s portrait, KFC is in news again for its latest venture. They’re trying to sell an Escape Pod, one where one can’t access the internet. Now you might wonder why one wouldn’t just turn

A genius or might we say curious observer found out why exactly did KFC follow only 11 people from their twitter handle. If you do click on it the people that the handle is following then you’ll see five spice

We recently discovered the real reason why KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter but it doesn’t look like KFC plans on stopping the bomb dropping anytime soon. The fast-food restaurant is now giving out drumstick-shaped fried chicken bath bombs

Think of KFC Chicken- that crisp, golden delicious chicken! If you are drooling already, we don’t blame you. Now you have more reasons to drool. Well, your trip to the popular chicken restaurant just became even more awesome.  Doubly so.

It’s not a secret or mystery anymore. KFC has finally dropped all the secrecy with the launch of its mystery burger – the bun-less wonder, a.k.a. the Double Down Burger. The limited edition item, which will be available only for

It’s 2017 and some people on the internet are surprisingly woke (others, not so much). Twitter user @edgette22 stunned the world when he noticed that KFC’s official Twitter handle only followed 11 users. The 11 people? The five spice girls