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With the monsoon rain showering all over us, RAW Pressery is presenting to you an exciting range where we are dropping the monsoon greens directly into your mouth with nutritious iron, especially well for pre and post workout sessions, that

Are you looking for the Best Juicer In India? Here we are reviewed the Best Juicer in India, which is going to help you prepare your favorite fruit juices in an easy and efficient manner. Juicing is a great way

We use Hand blenders to blend ingredients or purée food in the container. There are various uses of blenders like in making salsa, whipped cream, soup, sauce, etc. Here, we have eased your task of picking the best blenders available in the

National, June 2018: Fresh & Pure by Future Consumer Limited offers a wide range of food products sourced in its most natural form. Expanding its offering, Fresh & Pure launches cold pressed juices made from the finest quality fresh produce.

Going by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s motto of “eat local, think global”, actor Varun Dhawan also relies on traditional desi recipes to stay on top of his health game. In a recent live Facebook sesh, Diwekar and Dhawan spoke at

As the market becomes friendlier towards fruit juices when compared to fizzy drinks, Coca-Cola joins the race by bringing in its acquired juice brand Rani to India. This move is seen as an attempt to compete with PepsiCo’s Tropicana, Dabur’s

Smoothies are all the rage, someone even cooked up a broth smoothie (don’t get me started). If you’ve ever been down under, or have mates from that side of the world, then you’ll definitely have heard of Marmite (and Vegemite,

The movie Highway is a brilliant film by Imtiaz Ali and each time you watch it, the more you want to travel. On her scary yet carefree adventure, Alia Bhatt is seeing getting close to the nature, devouring street food

If you are one among the crowd who orders a drink with the mandatory summer-time request of ‘with ice’, you might need to rethink your habit. That ice could very well be hiding something murky within its translucent depths, according

The fifth doctor may have sported celery on his lapel but having a glass of carrot juice was hard for the sixth doctor. However, the juice is in itself if quite healthy so let’s give it a try. Print Recipe

If you’ve ever had a soft drink, chances are you’ve seen the words “does not contain fruit” on the bottle. However, that’s all about to change as Coca-Cola has announced that they will introduce Sprite, Limca and Fanta blended with fruit

It has been established that mangoes are a widely loved fruit. And rightly so. The deliciously pulpy and sweet summer fruit tastes as amazing on its own as it does with other condiments like ice cream, milk, et al. Even

Let’s just get one thing straight, I do not have anything against pickles. Pair ’em up with a sandwich or as a side for your burger and you get a lovely hit of acidity that cleanses your palate. However, what

Packaged juices are a boon. How else where we supposed to make Screwdrivers and pinacoladas? Kidding! But jokes aside, boxed juices really have made it easier to down the goodness of fruit juices without much hassle. And while nutritionist will

Dabur India Ltd. is probably one of India’s oldest and most trusted names in the FMCG space. Whether it’s personal care and hygiene or food and beverage, there a number of products preferred by many in the Dabur portfolio, which

Jingle Juice

Jingle all the way with this glorious festive cocktail by Delish! It will get you into the Christmas spirit in no time at all! Print Recipe Jingle Juice Votes: 8 Rating: 2.38 You: Rate this recipe! Course Drinks Prep Time

Social media could not reiterate more the importance of drinking water. But one more thing that we should invest in for a well-hydrated and healthy system is fruit juices. However, not just any fruit juice will do because you want

Polyjuice Potion

Harry Potter fans, you’re going to love this boozy cocktail. Find the Harry to your Ron to transform into Crabbe and Goyle. Hopefully, you don’t turn part cat! Print Recipe Polyjuice Potion Votes: 2 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe!

Shortly after getting actress Jacqueline Fernandez on board as brand ambassador, Rakyan Beverages – the parent company of organic juice start-up Raw Pressery – has raised US$6 M (INR 40 Cr) from existing investors Sequoia Capital, Saama Capital and DSG

B Natural, the fruit beverage brand from ITC Limited is launching a unique festive gifting pack to celebrate in a special manner the festival of lights – Diwali. The gifting pack known as the “Lamp of Purity” which is a